When I travel, I often meet people whom I admire & my weekend in New Zealand was no exception. To be sure, the country is entirely magnificent with its natural beauty, but her citizens are equally as enchanting. I met folk who are respectful in their conversations & engagement with diverse cultures. I met people who have overcome adversities that would make your hair stand on end. I met people who have a deep love for Jesus & carry His heart in their daily interactions, eager to serve & express genuine love.
We all meet people who have warts & flaws, but let’s have the courage & determination to see past those shortfalls & see each person as a glorious creation of our loving Heavenly Father!

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real time learning

I used to coach basketball & it was one of the most enjoyable things that I’ve ever experienced!  The girls I coached were totally AWESOME!  They worked really hard, wanted to excel and win, they were smart & totally committed.  Getting to coach these athletes was nothing less than a total privilege for me that I relish more than 20years later!  As I think about coaching, it reminds me about how Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would be our teacher, aka coach.  Here are some important things to think about with the Holy Spirit as our coach:

  • one of the best values of receiving coaching is real time learning – the Holy Spirit is ever present to coach us in our daily living
  • coaches see our potential when we’re mired in growing – the Holy Spirit knows how we are designed (our DNA) & knows the best ways to develop our potential
  • coaching happens with verbal communication, modeling & persistence – the Holy Spirit speaks with us, points us to Jesus as our example and never gives up on us
  • coaching has the best value with failure and defeat & the most enjoyment with success and victory – the Holy Spirit coaches us through failures and celebrates successes with us every day 🙂
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My kids, resilience & awe

This morning, I brought my son with me to visit some homes in a slum area. It was interesting watching him look at the kids, see the homes, smell things that are not so whippy & reflect on the lives of the people we met in contrast to his daily living. He is a real trooper & did a great job being polite & respectful. Nevertheless, I know that he’s really thinking about all of this, digesting it & absorbing the very experiences.
For me, I am continually amazed at the people here – their resilience, optimism, friendliness & endurance.
I interviewed a mom today who is 42, with 8 children ranging from 3months to 19 years old. Needless to say, I was fairly speechless as I sat in her house & listened to her history. She is truly magnificent


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