Behind Door #3

I’ve been thinking about some of the moms that I’ve met over the last few years in my travels with Saving Moses. In some ways they are 100% the same as us & in some ways they’re 100% different than us. They’re 100% the same in their love & passion for their kids – maybe even more pure in their love for their kids. What makes them different than us is that they don’t have have all of the “stuff” that we have. This has started me thinking about who I am if you strip away all of my education, stuff & sophisticated living. These are some questions worth consideration:
*Am I a nice person without all of the accessories that cushion my life?
*do I want to help people regardless of what I get in return?
*am I sincere & authentic?
*am I growing & letting God strengthen the weakspots that I avoid?
*does my education & sophistication enable me to help people more or do I use these only to my own advantage?

Just a few things running around in my head today ūüôā

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some thoughts about making decisions

¬†Lately, I’ve been facing some fairly tricky decisions & it’s been a little unsettling. ¬†Here are a few brief thoughts that have helped me:

  • gather helpful information – talk with others who have faced similar decisions to get their inputs, do some research, get smart
  • be aware of your own frame of mind – if you’re discouraged or in a place of euphoria, these perspectives have an impact on your thoughts and evaluation processes
  • analysis can become paralysis – sometimes analyzing and evaluating can be used to delay an actual decision; ¬†it can even happen that the results of indecision can be more damaging than the results of a wrong or bad decision
  • no analysis or evaluation can cross into “stupid land”, so be careful on this one
  • pray & listen: ¬†my experience is that my best decisions are made after I take the time & energy to ask God for His input & wisdom & then listen & listen well

Have you found other things to be helpful with decision making???

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testing, 1, 2, 3

¬†I used to teach Jr High & High School and I thoroughly loved teaching!! ¬†My students to this day would probably tell you that I was a hard teacher and my tests were particularly difficult. ¬†It’s true, I did give rough tests & I did my level best to have them graded and returned by the next day because I firmly believed that my students would learn the most if I could get their tests graded and returned asap. ¬†Their tests would help them see where they were solid and the areas where they needed to make improvements. ¬†Ultimately, the tests were not for my benefit, but rather for my students and I wanted to help them get the most out of them that I possibly could.

To me, this is interesting because there are several occasions in the Bible where God tested people and several verses that imply that He still tests us – to show us our strengths and weakspots. ¬†Sometimes when we go through difficult seasons or seasons that seem to be murky or deficient in purpose, these can often be tests. ¬†In the tests that I now recognize that God has given me, I’ve learned some extremely helpful things – the importance of wisdom, the power of patience, the significance of trust and the vitality of genuine love, plus more. ¬†Even though we often don’t like tests, they can certainly be very valuable ūüôā

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