Momma said there’d be days like this

Well dear friends, I woke up this morning at 1:30 to find one of my kids sleeping in the chair in our bedroom. An hour later, another one woke up & by 4:30, 3/5 of the Bowling family was completely alert thx to a healthy dose of jetlag.
Since I’m quite familiar w the adventures associated w jetlag, I’d give us until around 3-5pm before we hit the wall. So for this day, regardless of what it holds, I’m choosing to let the peace of Jesus guard my heart & mind. I’m not interested in having a day of anxiety, stress or struggle. There is enough grace for each moment in this day, no matter what transpires. Same goes for you ūüėÄ

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Painting Lessons

Well, I’m in the middle of painting 2 of our kids rooms & we’re having some fun learning how this whole project is supposed to work. There are some interesting parallels between painting & God:
*progress requires patience & boy am I grateful that God & others are patient a me as I grow, spill, have failures & learn
*slow work tends to avoid fast & messy mistakes – ceilings, corners, edges all require more precision & care
*its ok to get messy – still trying to get paint off of my hands, arms, legs, hair & the kids. Thankfully God cleans me up better than my best efforts
*you can paint over mistakes – paint has great redeeming qualities with mistakes, but nothing is more efficacious than Jesus’ blood
*keep trying – we’ve got another room to do & I know that I’ll learn even more about this process & I’ll continue to get better ūüôā
*painting will not be my fall back career, unless I plan to go on a long-term fasting schedule ,)

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good things come to those who wait – really???

I’ve had an interesting few days and it’s been a bit challenging to keep a good attitude while waiting. ¬†On Friday I had a few challenges – I was working on a really big project for Saving Moses¬†and came to a place where I had to wait until Mon for the decision of another person. ¬†Also on Friday, I was walking home in the snow from dinner at our neighbor’s house, slipped, fell & super messed up my ankle (nothing cool like I was snowboarding in a terrain park & messed up a jump or missed a rail).

So it was an interesting weekend – waiting and hoping for a good answer & an improved ankle and I’m thinking that Mon will be a great turning point for these brief, but important challenges. ¬†When Mon rolled around, my ankle wasn’t better so ¬†I decided to get it checked out. ¬†The Dr said that if it was broken, that I probably wouldn’t be able to go to Cambodia for Saving Moses next month – grrrrrrrr. ¬†Nevertheless, the xray results in the afternoon would let us know something more definite, which meant more waiting. ¬†By 8pm Mon, I hadn’t heard anything from the Dr nor anything on the Saving Moses project. ¬†Still¬†waiting. ¬†Grrrrrrr.

Tues morning rolls around & still no answers & now I’m getting jittery. ¬†But when I would turn my heart to the Holy Spirit on these 2 topics, I felt peace. ¬†Since this story has now been too long, here’s the short conclusion: ¬†no broken ankle and the Saving Moses project has an affirmative answer! ¬†And in all of this, I felt God tell me that if I will trust Him, He will meet the points of my needs with His provisions. ¬†Luke 21:29 – in patience, possess your soul ūüôā

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let’s grow with Tebow :)

¬†Ok, whether you like Tebow (the quarterback for the Denver Bronco’s football team) or not, he makes a very clear stand about his faith in Jesus.¬† There are lots of people who like him for his stand & lots of people who don’t like him for being so vocal.¬† This blog isn’t to applaud or criticize Tebow, but rather to encourage us to grow, mature, develop & change – and to foster development & growth in the people around us.

Some ways that we can encourage others to grow include:

  • applause – celebrate when those around you take a step that may be difficult for them, encourage persistence & endurance
  • constructive criticism¬†– while we must of course be honest, being negative & critical¬†doesn’t foster growth
  • listen – oftentimes, I find that many times I can find the answer that I need if someone will give me a few minutes of listening
  • pray – ask God to help the person that needs to grow & be open for God to show you areas in your life that need to change as well.¬† It’s not uncommon for me to be praying for someone else,¬†andn God to show me some similar areas in my life that need to be improved, adjusted or revamped

And as for Tebow, whether you like him or not, I think we¬†can¬†agree that season has caused him to grow alot ūüôā

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ever feel impatient?

¬†Recently, I’ve been somewhat frustrated with one of my friends because they’ve made some very silly decisions that have had some fairly negative consequences. ¬†I find myself being impatient with my friend & wanting them to change. ¬†I’m trying to watch the words that I say to my friend, so that I don’t hurt their feelings due to my impatience. ¬†So far, here’s my impatience insights:

  • if impatience is left unchecked, it can be very destructive
  • impatience isn’t only related to our words, but it also can affect our attitudes & actions, so that even if we don’t say anything, we must still remain vigilant against even its subtle expression
  • sometimes it helps to talk about how we feel, but its important to be responsible for our own feelings & not give someone else control of how we may feel or act
  • sometimes the best antidote to impatience is a slow, intentional & methodical application of patience
  • James 1:4 – let patience have her perfect work so that you may be mature & complete. ¬†Give patience permission to work in your life ūüôā
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Keep Trying!!

Sometimes I think we get a little ramped up about making achievements & if you’re like me, it’s disappointing when I don’t make the progress or goal that I want. But maybe God’s objective for us isn’t always the goal or achievement but rather the strength that we develop from trying. Maybe God’s goal is to help us develop endurance & persistence. Maybe God’s goal is a deeper revelation of Who He is to us even more than any achievement, prestige, or recognition.
Maybe we would be able to see greater value in the process than in the outcome, if we pause & listen for God’s wisdom, just maybe ,)

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predicting success

So I know alot of people do this already & it’s not unusual for me to be slow to figure things out, but I’ve been reading 1 chapter of Proverbs each day for the last few months & it’s been a very interesting experience. ¬†The main take away, so far, is that I really appreciate the practical wisdom it presents in such short & pithy ¬†insights – not too wordy ūüôā
Here are a few more lessons I want to digest & integrate into my daily life:

  • routine: ¬†what we do consistently on a daily basis can show not only our priorities, but also what we will be good at in 5, 10, 20 years, etc. ¬†Habits predict the future
  • persistence: ¬†quitting & failing are often as complementary as peanut butter & jelly or salt & pepper
  • wisdom: ¬†there’s a difference between information & wisdom; ¬†the pursuit of wisdom yields higher returns than the pursuit of information
What are some insights you’ve discovered from Proverbs?
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