Need some joy???

I had 2 interesting conversations recently with the same person. In one of the discussions, this person was very small, ignoble, petty & rather distasteful. Shortly thereafter, I had another conversation w the same person & they were strong, confident, secure, generous, noble & enjoyable. In the 1st discussion, the person was complaining about something that was inconvenient & rather trivial. In the 2nd conversation, the same person was in a volunteer role that was a completely generous contribution to improve the lives of several important people.
What’s interesting to me is how this person presented himself & even how he felt about himself. It seems to me that when we are selfish & gripey we tend to dislike ourselves more. On the other side, it seems to make us feel really good about ourselves when we are being generous, helping & empowering others. A simple key to a joyful life can be found by helping others 🙂