Finding Rest

Last week, during our family vacation, my kids likened me to Dori in the movie, Finding Nemo.  From their perspective, I’m enthusiastic, optimistic & sometimes forgetful, similar to Dori. Their observations made me smile & warmed my heart because I like that character in Finding Nemo.

In the movie, Dori is relaxed & sees obstacles & hardships as friendly opportunities & adventures. She even takes the experience in the belly of a whale in a relaxed & conversational way. And getting lost doesn’t seem to ruffle her fins.

From my perspective, Dori keeps a relaxed approach to life. To help us keep a relaxed & restful mindset about life, let’s consider some helpful pointers:

  • God is in control, full stop
  • God is genuine love
  • God likes you heaps & heaps.

Let’s choose to rest & trust in our Heavenly Father no matter what we go through nor the season in which we find ourselves 🙂

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Welcome to Angola!

Today we are going back to the malnutrition clinic where we spent alot of time last year. This is the same clinic where we got to know Belito & they told me that we can visit him again this year so I’m looking forward to checking in w him & seeing how’s he’s doing! I’m also a little introspective because I have a little bit of a sense of some of the infants we will get to meet today along w their moms hopefully.
With this trip, I want to be fully present & I want to lavishly love no matter what shape the person is in.
But presently I’m a bit challenged to be loving bc my sleep last night was almost non-existent due to the night long street disco party & our early departure, coupled w the last 3 days of travel. So truthfully, I’m finding myself in the “just keep swimming” mode, as Dori would say in “Finding Nemo”. Just keep swimming, Sarah 🙂

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