diet coke

mentorship or mento-ship?

I’m really thankful for the many mentors I’ve had in my life – from my high school basketball coach to my mom & many others ūüôā

I’ve never really set out on a mission to find mentors, but when I think about it, God has placed people in my life at very strategic times to mentor me & I’m super thankful. ¬†It also seems to me that God gives me mentors for different areas in my life: ¬†for my theological development, cooking, social skills, management skills, etc. ¬†Furthermore, many of these mentors have invested in me through a variety of mediums: ¬†phone conversations, coffee chats, books, CDs, podcasts, etc. ¬†I always want to be open to God growing & challenging me – helping me to live out His purpose & destiny.

So with that being said, here’s a fun video on some creative uses for¬†Mentos & Diet Coke¬†¬† ,)

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