nightmare or nightcare

Three nights ago I had a really bad dream.  I dreamt that I was in a foreign country & I was helping some babies who were extremely needy.  As I was dreaming, however, I had this feeling during the entire dream that I there were lots of babies where I was that were in very significant & desperate need.  It almost seemed like I was being kept from seeing them because I wasn’t strong enough to see them yet, since they were in such bad shape.  When I woke up, I had this lingering feeling that I’m still not in a place yet to be able to be able to help these desperate babies.

As I’ve been thinking about this over the last few days, I’ve been considering the work we do with Saving Moses with nightcare.  It is absolutely heaven for the babies in our care at night time:  they get a nice warm bath when they arrive, they get to play with cool, age appropriate toys, surrounded by workers who safely love our babies and toddlers, dinner and then a safe & protected place to peacefully sleep through the night – heaven 🙂

Without nightcare, the night time for these babies are more like nightmares.  Perhaps I had this dream to decrease the nightmares by increasing our nightcares.

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Meeting Powerful People

We visited the Cubal malnutrition clinic today & this has brought back some difficult memories from our visit last year, when Angelina died even though we had donated blood to help her improve. I visited the same room as well as others & met some very wonderful moms & grandmothers. Many of these women are nothing less than heroes. Yesterday I met a grandma who was vigilantly watching over her granddaughter. The grandmother is very uneducated but her tenacity & fight to help her granddaughter to live is something I won’t forget. There is a rugged & timeless determination in her cloudy eyes to keep her grand daughter alive, perhaps due to the many family deaths through which she has already lived.
Saving Moses is bringing life, hope & future to Angola – I experienced this today.

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Getting to Angola

Presently, we are slowly making our way to Angola via Germany & South Africa. On the day we left the US, I received a call that one of our flights had been cancelled & that we were be re-routed. Our new itinerary added an entire extra day of travel along w several long lay-overs & an extra flight. Presently, as I’m writing this, I’m standing in a transfer line w my friends, waiting to get a boarding pass for the flight to Angola.
The problem with getting to Angola is that it isn’t considered a “desirable desolation”. So to get to this country, it takes some focus, determination & persistence.
I think these ideas about persistence & determination are true whenever you decide to help people. If you’re merely interested in helping, then almost any obstacle will suffice as an inconvenience & possible excuse to change your mind. If you’re passionate about helping, then inconveniences are nothing more than hurdles as you make your way to the goal. When we are in a position to help people (at the grocery store, volunteering for a community project, etc), we must decide to not be dissuaded by obstacles, delays or flight changes – I’m writing this mostly to myself, given my current frame of mind 🙂

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