True Confession

Presently, I’m making my way back home to Denver, from a very busy & productive trip to Cambodia & Bangladesh. This trip was productive for me in ways that I didn’t anticipate in terms of making some new friends & have some very rich fellowship with friends that I’ve had there for more than 10years. It was productive, as well, in loads of ways for Saving Moses & I’m still processing some of the developments, looking for God’s wisdom.
But here’s the true confession: when I start the journey home, I can be very unpleasant. By this point in any trip, I’m usually tired, spent & I want to sit on my back porch, yesterday. So if there are flight delays, airline people who aren’t helpful, or other small challenges, I can have a short fuse & it’s no bueno. So I’m sitting in the airport, having just heard the announcement that my flight is delayed almost 2 hours & there’s a chance I’ll miss my domestic flight to Denver. Despite how justified I feel to be hostile & obnoxious, I have a deeper anchor in my soul than my tired body & impatient feelings. The Holy Spirit is my helper & helps me to display the Fruit of the Spirit rather than the revulsion of the flesh. The first step to walk in these Fruits is to make the true confessions to the Holy Spirit & then ask for supernatural Help 🙂

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Getting to Angola

Presently, we are slowly making our way to Angola via Germany & South Africa. On the day we left the US, I received a call that one of our flights had been cancelled & that we were be re-routed. Our new itinerary added an entire extra day of travel along w several long lay-overs & an extra flight. Presently, as I’m writing this, I’m standing in a transfer line w my friends, waiting to get a boarding pass for the flight to Angola.
The problem with getting to Angola is that it isn’t considered a “desirable desolation”. So to get to this country, it takes some focus, determination & persistence.
I think these ideas about persistence & determination are true whenever you decide to help people. If you’re merely interested in helping, then almost any obstacle will suffice as an inconvenience & possible excuse to change your mind. If you’re passionate about helping, then inconveniences are nothing more than hurdles as you make your way to the goal. When we are in a position to help people (at the grocery store, volunteering for a community project, etc), we must decide to not be dissuaded by obstacles, delays or flight changes – I’m writing this mostly to myself, given my current frame of mind 🙂

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