Taking My Daughter to College

The fateful day has arrived & this isn’t like the kindergarten transition. It’s lots harder, full stop. As I write this, I’m swallowing my tears & endeavoring to keep myself together as I suspect other parents & my daughter wouldn’t appreciate heavy water works right now.

So where is God in this day?  Well, I sense God loving me & looking after me with reconnecting with my college roommate. I sense God helping me by watching my daughter do her room & interact with a plethora of people with poise, grace & ease. I sense God helping me stay busy & distracted to keep the tears at bay. And I sense God encouraging me to trust God to help my daughter to grow, learn, adult & deepen her relationship with Trinity.

Holy buckets, this ain’t kindergarten!!

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I went to my daughters basketball game & embarrassed myself pretty well. Thankfully, my daughter isn’t stressed out & she enjoyed getting to play & have some fun with her team, which is great. In the meantime, I need help. I need to get some help on how to enjoy her games without getting so massively competitive. Of course I want to attend her games & of course I don’t want to be that freak parent who can’t control themselves. So I’m working with God in this new area. I’m asking for God to give me help, self-control, discipline, strength & grace.
Lets always be open to exploring new opportunities to trust & lean into God.
She has another game tomorrow night, so I’ll keep you posted ,)

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musings about mother’s day

Mothers are intersting creatures.  Since becoming a mother, i’ve come to see things from 2 sides – both as an offspring & as a mother.  Right now, i live in the “high-octane” middle of both worlds (as i sit here writing, my little men are wrestling w my big man, while Isabell designs her new bank savings box).  I am fully offspring, in that i work pretty closely w my mom & i’m quite thoroughly integrated w care for & interaction with my kids.  Consequently, Mother’s Day is the collision of significant portions of my life. 

In the fullest sense of the word, Mother’s Day is designed to celebrate life.  I say this because there’s not a single one of us that doesn’t have a mother (dead or alive).  Mothers (and Fathers – but we’ll celebrate Father’s Day next month) are significant conduits through which God gives us the gift of life and life is very good.  May your Mother’s Day be filled w gratitude to God for His gift of life and gratitude for our mothers & the things they’ve invested in our lives.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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