Negative Spaces

Artists can often think about what they’re crafting, painting, sculpting, writing  or creating. They take whatever is their medium (a canvas, clay, marble, glass, pen & paper, etc) & begin to do their creative work. We can often concentrate on the medium & ignore or forget what isn’t there. And what isn’t there (the blank or void around the medium), is referred to as “negative space.”  In some respects, what isn’t present, what’s missing, can often be equally as important as what is present, observable & the creative content. The absence can accentuate the creative work. 

And to this end, let’s remember that what God does, divine creative work, is not only with & through us as the medium, but also in the pause, void & vacancy of what can seem to be missing. Don’t diminish or resent the negative spaces that might be happening in your life. Our Master Creator is doing divine work & you’re a masterpiece in the making 🙂

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I have no craft sense, whatsoever, anywhere in me.  I can’t cross-stitch, crochet, color, knit, draw, paint, sculpt, tie dye, . . . . . .  and I can barely sew on a button & do a hem.  I’m not crafty & visiting Hobby Lobby makes me twitch with nervous ticks.

Despite all these deficiencies, I am nonetheless, a result of Divine knitting and weaving as it says in Ps 139:13.  This is important for each of us to ingest for lots of reasons:

  • when we try to look / act like someone else, this is inherently destructive to the unique & divine design given to each one of us
  • your knitting / weaving together that God has done with you is perhaps one of God’s greatest expressions of love to you – you’re not a clone nor automaton
  • don’t unravel or unweave the beauty of who you are by running yourself down – remember that the enemy of your soul is also called the accuser of the brethren, so be mindful of who you agree with about your life 🙂
  • your divine DNA is organized for unique purposes, expressions, celebrations and successes

Whether you’re the knitting type or not, you are wonderfully, fearfully & lovingly made in the image of your Creator 🙂

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