Sharpen the Saw

Shimmering trees, speckled sunlight, icy roads and chilly air invite me to think and reflect deeply about God’s love in diverse display.  In Colorado today, cars are slipping off the icy roads and people are bundled in coats, scarves and boots, with their preferred warm beverage cupped tenderly in their hands. It’s these kinds of days that God gives to me and we sharpen the saw.

This means that when the outside is cold and uninviting, it’s nice to stay inside and look for the cozy nooks and spaces to pause, listen and let God plumb my soul for greater connection and togetherness.  And this is what I’m designed for:  being close and snuggly with God.  This is where I’m most settled and content, where I mature and deepen my roots, sharpen the saw.

Maybe this is what Job speaks about in Job 20:20,  “Because he knew no quiet within him, He does not retain anything he desires.”  These are the kinds of days when God grows the quiet in my soul and it’s deeply satisfying and richly rewarding 🙂


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A Stranger in the Mist

Several years ago there was a sitcom called “Cheers” & the theme song was all about, “where everybody knows your name.” We all have places & communities where we fit, belong & feel entirely smoothy groovy. On occasion, however, there are some times when we like to be anonymous & unknown. But being a stranger can sometimes be a place where we are forced to lean into God & not rest in what’s familiar, known & cozy – hazy, foggy & unknown. Resting & leaning into God, can sometimes be kind of tricky, but the trust space is frequently where we grow the most.
Let’s be mindful that we put ourselves in places & situations that push the envelope in helping us to attach more & more to God!

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