Open During Construction

I drove by a hospital & read the sign, “Open During Construction”.  And I began to think about the possibility of the hospital being closed during construction.  To be certain, construction is a pain in the neck because it creates detours, messy environments, unpleasant views, health hazards & communication confusion. But usually, construction is the attempt to take what’s normal or rundown & make it better.

To this end, as a follower of Jesus, it feels like I’m always under construction. And despite being under construction, I still have to function & engage in daily living, kind of like being open during construction. So let’s appreciate & be gracious with each other, that Holy Spirit is working in us, so that we look & act like Jesus more & more!  2Cor 3:18 🙂

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Something Important

I read this morning something important about building a house & considering that I’m not very good at construction stuff, I tried to pay good attention. Sometimes I think we get really zeroed in on things that we can see, at the expense of things that aren’t as obvious. But very often, it is exactly the things that we can’t see that have the biggest affects on our lives (thoughts, emotions, faith, etc).
In Luke 6, Jesus gave a short story about being mindful of digging a very deep & settled foundation well before we ever try to deal with things that are observable. Lets be careful to keep deep foundations in Jesus first before we try to look & be cool 🙂
Happy weekend!

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