Go BIG!!!

This is part of the skyline for Phnom Penh & it has grown immensely over the last few years!  I’m here because God put a vision in my heart to open nightcare centers in Cambodia. Nightcare is my work w Saving Moses where we look after the babies & toddlers of sex workers while they work.  At our centers, each baby : toddler receives a warm welcome, bath, clean clothes, dinner, some basic education & a safe place to sleep through the night, all in the atmosphere of genuine love. Without nightcare they would be at severe risk to experience horrific trauma. 

We’ve been working here for many years & I LOVE what we do, so much that I want MORE!!  

Dream big with God. Let Holy Spirit show you vistas & impossibilities that quicken your pulse. Then take a step in that direction!  Of course there are hardships & setbacks, but don’t let these hinder you before you even take a step!  GO BIG!!!

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Try Something New

It’s easy to get in a rut & mindlessly do the same thing. And it seems to me like we crave routine at the expense of adventure & novelty!

So here’s a fun challenge: try something new!!  I say this as I’m catching a bus to the airport to join our team flying to Cambodia for nightcare w Saving Moses!  Here are some ideas for trying new things:

  • Go on a missions trip,
  • join a new club, small group or workout class,
  • eat some food from a different culture,
  • stretch into Holy Spirit for more involvement in your life,
  • give yourself to more worship,
  • read a book of the Bible that isn’t to your normal preference. 

If you’re feeling dull & lifeless, give yourself some fresh experiences & endeavor to walk w Holy Spirit today!!

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Mix It Up!

What are you planning for your vacation this year? Are you going to do the regular stuff: pools, driving, sunburns, etc? Why not try something new?
Here’s a cool idea: come with me to Cambodia & make a vacation that you’ll never FORGET! I’m taking a small group with Saving Moses to help with our nightcare work in Phnom Penh. The cool stuff you’ll get to do includes:

  • experiencing a new & incredible culture,
  • meet babies & toddlers who will steal you heart,
  • do some cleaning, painting & renovating with our centers,
  • meet Jesus in the faces of desperate people

Let’s make your vacation this year something fresh, unique & possibly life changing!!

Here’s how to get started: LETS GO!!

Space is really limited, so apply fast before we fill up!

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Dream Team

I’ve had the opportunity to travel all around the world with all kinds of teams but never like this team. I’m in Cambodia right now with our nightcare work here, one of the privileges we do with Saving Moses & I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!! Here are just a few things I love about this team: they’re flexible, they don’t complain, they’re eager, kind, patient & they love the people here! I also love that this team is all about reaching people with Jesus’ love. They aren’t put off by how someone looks, the smells or the poverty. This team is totally centered into connecting people with Jesus’ love & I couldn’t be happier to be among such a fine group who follow Jesus so passionately!  

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I have the absolutely AWESOME honor of getting to travel & have incredible experiences, for which I’m seriously GRATEFUL, to be certain. However, I also get homesick. At present, I’m in Cambodia with our Saving Moses team trip & seeing God do some phenomenal stuff – all of which I totally LOVE! But I’m still homesick. Truth be known, I’ve always been a homebody & being away from home makes that all the more intense. I like all of the fun new experiences, love the crazy food, enjoy fun cultures & meeting amazing people, absolute legends, who motivate me in expressing Jesus more & better. But I’m still homesick.
Sometimes our human living can make us homesick for our eternal home. But while we’re here, let’s shine light, spread genuine love, heal the hurting, repair the broken & live out redemption everyday through genuine love. And remember that heaven is our home 🙂

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I’m happy to announce that we opened our third nightcare center in Cambodia this week!! It was extremely exciting to have our team here with this opening so they could see the infancy of a center opening (no pun intended). Our first night we were ready & eager to welcome babies & toddlers & there were a few interested moms but because nightcare is such a new idea, we only had curious moms – which was a really good start because any mom worth her salt is going to check out the place & people who might look after her baby / toddler.
The second night, we had I think like 8 babies!!!!!!!! That was totally AMAZING!!!!! The rest of the week, we’ve continued to visit the neighborhood for this center & the moms are continuing to bring their babies – YAHOOO!!!
During my last night in Cambodia, I visited this neighborhood & invited the moms to come to our nightcare centre, loving on them & I even got to snuggle a newborn, 15 day old little girl. Such hope, life & potential, eager to drink in genuine love, like you & me.

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I’m leading our first Saving Moses team trip & we are in Cambodia working with our nightcare work & it’s awesome!! I was reflecting in my heart this morning as we were flying into Cambodia how God had placed the dream of nightcare into my heart, made it become a reality & now I get to introduce our team to God’s amazing work & love demonstrated 6nights a week to the least of the least – babies & toddlers of sex workers. Tonight was our first night & I think everyone had an amazing time albeit jet lagged & hazy. As we go to sleep tonight, I’m thanking God for being the tangible & continuous expression of Genuine Love. Thanks for reading this & I pray that you think of Gods astounding love for you as you go through your day 🙂



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totally exciting!!!!!

I’m really pumped because today is the launch of something new & uber cool with Saving Moses!!  We are taking our first ever Saving Moses Team Adventure where we get to join our nightcare work in Cambodia!  We have 15 people joining this adventure for the next week & we’ll be doing all kinds of cool stuff!  Keep your eyes peeled for some awesome updates, pictures, fresh & new points of view (POV) & possibly an occassional short video.  Our team is from various places in the US but we’re united in heart to join in to help with our nightcare work in Cambodia.  If you’re into the hashtag thing, you can follow along with #nightcare 🙂

We are SO EXCITED!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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Hello from Cambodia

!We just finished around 24 hours of travel, plus or minus so I’m a little hazy around the edges 🙂
We are here for a week, combining our church mission trip & some Saving Moses work I need to do with our nightcare efforts, so this will be a really cool trip! My family is with me, so that’s a HUGE bonus!
Here are some helpful travel trips when you going for long hours &/or multiple time zones:
*drink lots of water – airplanes can be very dehydrating
*be flexible – dont expect things to be like they are at home
*stay positive – nothing ruins a trip faster than complaining
*look for opportunities to meet new people & be a blessing, within the framework of your travel host / sched

Be sure to check back with me lots this week as I’m planning to do lots of updates with our Saving Moses work!

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come with me :)

This upcoming week, I’m WAY EXCITED because I get to visit our first nightcare facility in Cambodia with Saving Moses!!  We’ve been running our nightcare program now for a little over a year & I’m so excited about our growth and our future opportunities – WAY EXCITED!!  If you’re not familiar with nightcare with Saving Moses, this is where we provide care during the evening & night for the babies of prostitutes while their moms work.  Nightcare for these babies meets a very urgent need for because there’s no viable care available for them while their moms are working.  Over the past year, we’ve grown and matured so I’m crazy excited to return to Cambodia next week, visit our babies and look into the possibilities of even expanding and opening a new facility.  So follow me on this really cool journey and let’s see what genuine love looks like for Saving Moses in the form of nightcare 🙂

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a different point of view

I’ve traveled quite a bit in my life & when I go overseas, it feels pretty seamless to me.  So when I get to travel with people who have never been out of the country, it’s always interesting to get to watch their reactions & observations.  What I’ve found to be super powerful is to watch my various friends who go with me on Saving Moses trips to see how God opens their eyes & changes them.  With this in mind, please check out this link of one of our video guys to get his insights on our trip to Cambodia last month:  Lance Goes to Cambodia

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More thoughts about Cambodia

We are finishing our time in Cambodia & this has been a really amazing trip. It is absolutely fantastic to watch God’s hands move, organize, facilitate & connect. I’ve met some very incredible people, being used by God in many different, life-changing ways. I have to say that whenever I leave this country, I’m always captivated by the people here – such grace, poise, warmth, care & love.
In relation to saving Moses, it looks like we have some really good relationships with whom we can move forward over the course of the next few months to begin implementing the plans for nightcare. I’m leaving here feeling very encouraged about the future of nightcare w saving Moses in Cambodia. I’ll keep you posted on our progress here as I anticipate to seeing nightcare getting launched possibly by the end of this year 🙂
God takes the definition of “good” and puts His “infinite & extreme” stamp on the human expression of “good”.
I’m awestruck.

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the missing wallet

 Do you ever get on a mission about something?  Recently, I lost my wallet so I was on a mission to find it – I checked the car, my backpack, purse, couch cushions, kitchen counter, . . . asked Reece, asked my kids, . . . . you get the picture.  As I was searching, I was shooting up some quick prayers, asking for some divine help & sure enough, I lifted up a towel in the laundry room & voila, the lost was found.  Needless to say, I was really relieved – but my point is that I was on a mission to find my wallet.

This summer, my husband & I are on 2 missions:  he’s going to Haiti & I’m going to Cambodia for @savingmoses.  Truthfully, we’re a big missions family – its important to us for lots of different reasons.  As such, we adjust our time, energies & moneys to reflect our commitment to missions.  Over the next 2 weeks, I’m planning to blog during my travels & hopefully, give you some really cool insights, perspectives, etc related to being on a mission.  So keep your eyes peeled & if you’re inclined, please don’t fight the urge to subscribe to my blog, using the RSS feeder to the right – much easier than coming back to look for updates 🙂

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I’m sitting in the Phnom Penh airport (Cambodia) waiting for my flt to China. I totally love this country & the people here. They are simply amazing. I love getting to see what God is doing here & exploring the opportunities to minister w God’s tangible love. I’m pretty excited about saving Moses getting launched here & how God will continue to expand our abilities. Whenever I leave Cambodia, I’m always overflowing in my heart w Gods love for the people here. It makes it difficult to leave.
But soon, I’ll get on the plane to China, another place I love. Today, I’ll join mom & our team to explore Gods power & love in this great country. Appreciate all of your thoughts & prayers!

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Village life

So today we visited a village in the countryside & I got to meet some completely beautiful & strong women. I met a grandma who survived the Khmer rouge regime by hiding in the jungle for 2 yrs. Her husband was the only person to survive in his family during the Khmer Rouge. I met a mom who is 5mnths pregnant, but very scared to deliver bc of the complications from her preceding deliveries & no resources to get medical help w her delivery. I met lots of little people who need toothbrushes bc their teeth are rotting out of their heads from eating the sweet syrup from the palm trees. Finally, I met a single mom of 5 kids whose husband abandoned his family 3 yrs ago. Her sole means to provide for her kids is to sell desserts to her village & surrounding areas. This is an amazing country & the people here never fail to grab my heart

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Diving in a dump – not quite

Well, yesterday was interesting, to put it mildly & I’m still trying to process it this morning. I’m very intent to find ways here that saving Moses can help infants & moms w really young kids (the 5 & under crowd). Yesterday we went to visit a trash dump & it was a pretty strong experience for me. To begin, we walked through alot of the dump to find the homes where everyone lives. While we were walking, I thought I was stepping on solid trash, but actually fell through into some like sewage & was stuck there for a little while. It made me think of the trash compactor scene in star wars & I was hoping nothing was alive under the surface. I got myself out of that stuff & we kept walking, paying better attention to where we were stepping.
We finally came to the “home area” where hundreds of people were using whatever trash they could find from the dump to make “homes.”. We came up to one of the homes & there were about 10 people, including lots of kids, living in this one rice bag kind of hut. A mom came out & started talking w us. She explained that she has 3 kids & I saw that she was prego & asked when she thought she would deliver – next month. She’s planning to give birth at the dump bc it costs about $50 to deliver at a hospital & they only make $1 / day from their recycling work.
As we continued to walk around I could see from the extreme poverty how vulnerable the people are – many of them doing absolutely anything to stay alive (prostitution, trafficking, drugs, anything). They are literally in the edge, the fringes of survival w virtually no help available. So I find myself asking Jesus what He would have me do. I’ll keep you posted on this.
Today, we have gone out into the countryside to explore more opportunities for saving Moses. It’s extremely important to go into the countryside in Cambodia bc 80% of the population in this nation is rural. So we’ll see what God has for us today. Thanks loads for praying!! I find myself trying to process this trip & kind of struggling w this right now.

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Spend yourself wholly

Well, my time in Cambodia so far has been completely spectacular. In 24 hours, I’ve had the privilege of ministering 4 times & wouldn’t have it any other way. Last nite I fell into bed very spent & very whole. There’s just a whole lot to say for spendng yourself totally in loving Jesus by ministering to people. Yesterday, we had a lady rec’v healing in her ear – it had been painful for a yr & last week it started to bleed. Yesterday after prayer, the pain instantly left & she could hear normally for the 1st time in months. We saw lots of people give their hearts to Jesus & hundreds of beautiful Cambodians increase their love for Jesus. How could I not love the privilege of serving Jesus in this capacity?!? You should be as lucky as me, seriously.
Today & tomorrow, I’m equally excited to see the opportunities God will give us through saving Moses to help infants know the tangible love of God. I’ll keep you posted, hopefully w some pics about some of the cool stuff God will do w saving Moses. Thx heaps for praying!!

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Greetings from Cambodia!

Well, after more than 24 hours of travelling I’m in Phenom Phen. I don’t think I’m spelling that right – my excuse is jet lag. 🙂 travelling is good but can also be mind numbing. You just keep moving along w hundreds of other people & be mindful of what’s happening around you. Sometimes I’ve have really cool God times when I’ve travelled & sometimes it’s just a matter of going through the motions to get from point A to B. Nothing noteworthy happened in travelling so far – I honestly tried to sleep as much as possible in the flt to Hong Kong, trying to get my body to adjust quickly to Asian time zones.
Here’s some excitement: I get to minister tonight to the youth at New Life Church here in Cambodia & that’s COMPLETELY cool!! 80% of Cambodia is under 20 yrs old so when you reach the youth, you reach this nation – cool beyond words!! Pls be praying 🙂

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