When to Quit

“He’s too heavy.  This is a stupid idea.  It’s awkward to carry him.  There are too many people.  This won’t work.  I’m tired.  We might drop him.  We’d have to rip open the roof.”

There’s a paralytic dude in Luke 5 whom Jesus heals.  But this story isn’t quite that simple.  Indeed, when I thought about what happened to get this paralytic dude in front of Jesus, it pretty much floored me (no pun intended).  In these verses, some guys decided to carry the paralytic to Jesus for healing.  But it turned out to be more complicated than the simple steps of: pick up, carry & get him healed.

The men who set the paralytic dude in front of Jesus decided that nothing would deter them from getting the man in front of Jesus, NOT:

  • his paralysis which made him heavy & cumbersome
  • the crowds that made it impossible to get the paralyzed man in the door (or possible window)
  • hoisting the paralyzed man on the roof
  • tearing open the roof
  • lowering a paralytic from the roof to get him smack in front of Jesus

Perhaps it may take some extra effort to help get someone in front of Jesus, but be certain that an encounter with genuine Jesus is worth any effort, sacrifice or inconvenience 🙂

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Easy yoke & lite burden

I was talking today w my team about when Jesus spoke on His yoke being easy & His burden being lite (Matt 11:28ff). We were having an honest conversation about how sometimes life doesn’t seem easy nor lite. Then someone talked about their experience in working w horses & using a yoke for 2 horses to pull a load. She described how most of the time one of the 2 horses is usually stronger & takes the majority of the load while the other horse just tends to stroll in synch w the stronger horse, especially on level ground.
I thought that this was a powerful illustration in relation to staying in step w Jesus, as our primary strength & not relying on our own power, wisdom nor efforts. In essence, our main challenge can be to stay in synch w Jesus & to let Him carry our burdens. Perhaps another thought worth considering is the idea of yoke & burden ownership. From time to time, I find that I’m carrying burdens & pulling yokes that Jesus never gave to me – they’re self inflicted. So sometimes, Jesus gives me a friendly wake up call & He helps me to re-prioritize my responsibilities & energies to stay more in step w His assignments & objectives 🙂
Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus & know that He’s helping us along with each step in our lives!

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