Not Me!!

“I’ll never deny You!”  These are the words Peter used to argue with Jesus about denying Him. Jesus answered by letting peter know that in less than 12 hours Peter would deny Jesus & in Luke 22, Jesus adds some instructional content for Peter after his denial fiasco.

I’ve been thinking about this conversation between Jesus & Peter for a few days now because it demonstrates our ability to deceive ourselves even in God’s presence. Whether we acknowledge or ignore it, we willingly & even joyfully think we are something we are not, or we don’t think we are something when we really are.

Jesus knows this about us & doesn’t withdraw His love nor relationship with us, as we see in His words to Peter.

Let’s take pause & consider that Jesus us knows us better than we know ourselves & that’s an essential demonstration of His genuine love for us!

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Broken Trust

Everyone has experienced the pain that comes from broken trust – it’s the pits. I’ve been reading about King David in 2Samuel & how he was betrayed by his son, Absalom. On top of Davids son breaking his trust, Davids main counselor, Ahithophel defected to Absalom to advise him – a double whammy.

So what to do with broken trust?
Some key takeaways would be:

  • Forgiveness – this is a non-negotiable
  • Destination – don’t get quagmired in the pain, look forward & keep going; David didn’t hang around to wallow in the betrayal
  • Friendships – just because someone betrays be careful that you don’t pull away from everyone; David’s friend Hushai was essential to helping David stay alive!
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The Path to Pentecost: Failure

Regardless of our best intentions, all of us fail.  The most encouraging example for me with failure is when I think about Jesus’ disciple, Peter.  I think he majorly failed when he betrayed Jesus & it seems to me that he was more than disappointed with himself with this failure (Luke 22:61-62).

In sharp contrast to Peter’s failure with betraying Jesus, a little more than six weeks after this downfall, Peter is the lead promoter to stand in front of thousands of people on the Day of Pentecost to be Jesus’ lead frontman.  This is quite the reversal in Peter’s life and this encourages us that

no failure that we’ve experienced can exceed Jesus’ power to redeem.

 So rather than hide or run from our failures, let’s sit at Jesus’ feet, be transparent and vulnerable, and yield to the Holy Spirit pouring love into our hearts (Rom 5:5), for redeeming each shortfall to lift up Jesus better than we could without that failure 🙂

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hot topic: Jesus’ trial

As I grew up, I had the extremely wonderful privilege of getting to visit Israel, Egypt and many places in the middle East begining from the age of 5.  Consequently, for many years, I wanted to be an archaeolgist and get in on  the ground floor of amazing historical discoveries!  Imagine being 7 years old and getting to climb on the pyramids, visit King Tut’s tomb, go to Gethsemane, Golgotha & visit the possible tomb of Jesus.  Needless to say, the Bible has always been very alive to me beginning from these young ages.

So here’s something cool to consider:  archaeologists think they may have discovered the place where Jesus was tried by Pilate.  Regardless of the exact physical location of Jesus’ trial, wherever that may be, let’s remember that in this place:

  • divine perfection (Jesus) was questioned and judged by human imperfection (Pilate) – Pilate never found Jesus guilty but sentenced the Son of God to death
  • betrayal and failure showed up in Peter’s behavior (Luke 22:62) – Jesus is always more faithful to us than we are to Him
  • Jesus’ words of surrender in Gethsemane (not My will but Yours be done) became a reality in Jesus’ behaviors during this trial – decisions influence behavior
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