Do You Need a New Beginning?

Do You Need a New Beginning?

January is often a month when we think of making a fresh start. Maybe we make New Years resolutions about exercise, weight, spending habits, reading goals, etc. 

take a quick minute to watch & share this short video to help you with new beginnings:  

New Beginnings

We sold our church building & we’re moving to a new building nearby. We’ve been in our old building for almost 30 years, so there are plenty of memories from those years. I’m excited for our new building & starting a new chapter!

Thinking about this new chapter, I’m reminded of Joshua leading the Israelites to possess the Promised Land. When God leads us to start a new chapter, let’s be like Joshua:

  • We can do it!! In Numbers 13-14, Joshua & Caleb were the can-do spies but the other 10 spies were despondent & faith-less
  • Keep going!! Joshua had some setbacks before conquering the Promised Land. There was disobedience & duplicity among he Israelites, but Joshua didn’t quit
  • Look to God!! In Joshua 10, God made time stop so that Joshua could finish a battle & defeat his enemy. God helps us possess His promises to us!

Design Life

My husband was an engineer when we were first married & he schooled me on the idea of design life – everything is created with a design life (length of time for which it will be functional). This was a new idea to me when he explained it & now, I’m not as surprised when things stop working. For example, our phones have a design life of about 2years & the phone charger in my car seems to have a design life of maybe 3months :/
Thankfully, the design life of our relationship with God is eternal & infinite, a sharp contrast with everything human 🙂