So Cute!

I really love getting to visit my kids school when they do awards assemblies because all the kids are so cute!! They’re all super unique, smiley, engaged, fun & awesome to watch. As I think about these kids, I can’t help but fast forward to think about how God our Father sees us as His children – super cute! I can totally see how there are times when adults can be sketchy & questionable (like humans no matter the age), but it always helps me to consider that each one of us makes God smile – God knows that you’re CUTE!!




All I know is that when in love you put on a different set of eyes or glasses (depending on age), the things that we fretted about as young parents seem inconsequential when you become a grandparent.
And, when you are going through that discovery phase of the first part of your relationship, then “cute” is a necessary perspective that gels into love, then marriage hoping that “cute” sticks around for a long time. I think my dog has some “cuteness”. Smile

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