Sheep or Goat?

Who is:  hungry, thirsty, naked, sick, in jail or an immigrant?  I was reading in Matthew 25 this morning about Jesus’ parable distinguishing between sheep & goat behavior.  In this parable, the sheep are the people who see others around them who have various needs like clothing, food, shelter, belonging, care, attention and connection.  In contrast, the goats in Jesus’ parable had no time, attention or capacity for needy people.

And this parable never fails to arrest my attention, forcing me to inventory my intentions and actions for sheep and goat behvaiors.  I want to say with a genuine heart that I love Jesus, giving Him my worship & affection.  But the reality is that however I treat the needy people in my life (those who are hungry, naked, thirsty, sick, living in bondage, or disenfranchised), is how I treat Jesus since He said in Matthew 25;45, “Whatever you do for the least of these [the needy folk] is what you do for Me.”

This verse always challenges me to love well, when I’d rather justify my selfish perspective 🙂



Sista, you are saved. You do not have goat intentions. Get that through your head. Goats are unsaved, unwise and they don’t want wisdom either. You got it going on. Anxiety and all. There is no such thing as complete peace and all that stuff. LIFE IS anxiety and then we attend to it the best we can and leave the rest to GOD and take meds if we need to and get counseling. I do and it helps tremendously. I try to adhere to GOD’s rules all the time but I can’t. I have to put down the bible and do my thing. I have to persevere and one of my hang ups is my let down childhood. BUT I take my meds and it makes it go away so I can prosper. Even though we pray, sometimes that makes us more anxious because we do have power inside of us and we should be believe in that power. I remember one time you were saying you were having panic attacks. That is because really hate to say it ….this perfect peace the bible teaches just isn’t true. Life is what is it. YO uhave kids and stuff. That ain’t easy. They all have different personalities and then you are trying to do ministry. who wouldn’t puke on the side of the road and freak. It’s too much. Raise the damn kids and cuss a little too. Get that crap out. You are worthy and we can only do so much. Save ministry for those old chicks who have dead husbands and need an outlet. Your ministry is raising them kids and your husband. If you can help someone along the way….great but it’s not a requirement. You are. Blessings dear Sis. Good things learned along the way from your 54 years young Sis. I don’t have any kids but I have had that Christian burden of having to do more. How can you possibly do it? You can’t. God accepts us as we are. Even if you don’t follow in your mom’s footsteps. But take your meds and be cool and focus on your honey and what real. I remember you saying this and I never forgot it and I said someone day I am going share this with someone. Paul and all them didn’t have kids. They even encouraged not getting married. (was Paul a homo???? who knows could have been he came from Rome). Yes we live in reality Sis. Love ya bunches. Be blessed in the name of our LORD. Don’t stress yourself out trying to be lovely. It doesn’t work all the time. I cuss my butt off and it feels good and GOD still loves me. Praying a lot can make us nervous too because we are trying to get GOD to get us to focus when we know how to focus. The bible is like 2000 years old you know. We’ve come a long way since then. Like Epilepsy is not demonic it is a neurological disease and now we have meds too. HALLELUYAH>>>>blessings dear one.

You are beautiful Sis. I dig ya to pieces. You aint’ no damn goat. You been redeemed washed and cleansed and given the wisdom of GOD. You know what that is//////go to the grocery store and buy some tomatoes and have a blessed day. A goat hates GOD. Literally hates GOD. NOt just bad behavior but hates GOD. THE HS is already in us and trust your wisdom. How long you mom been raising you. a long time and you have your own wisdom and it is fab.

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