Peace or Piece

The other day, one of my kids accidentally shot me in the eye with a rubber band. I wasn’t injured but I was most definitely not happy & immediately proceeded to give this offspring a piece of my mind – not a high quality piece, to be sure. I gave this person a piece of my mind but I had no peace of mind. 
Sometimes there’s good value to venting some thoughts & emotions. But let’s be clear that the peace we often seek is more often a consequence of our fellowship with the Holy Spirit rather than an outpouring of our fleshly feelings & words. Have a happy Wednesday!


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If we invoke the Holy Spirit and dwells in nosotross , to pray, to read the messages of our Lord in the Bilia … because there are so many brothers hacercan not to comfort but to ask you to intercede for her panic attacks .. ..or see the other … even as Christians …. just pray and ask for their presence !!!! Sarah unanimous need to pray with me need healing from the Lord … I hope in this but I think it !!! it is missing to heal cumpplir my return to my work !!! besoss

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