Not My Strength

Stuff I’m good at, I prefer to do.  Stuff I’m bad at, not so much.  But life requires us to do stuff that’s both difficult & easy.  When you find stuff that you’re good at, generally you like to keep doing it & it can be very fulfilling.  In contrast, doing stuff you’re not good at can be draining & frustrating.

I say this having just filled out some rather meticulous paperwork that I hope I did right.  Suffice it to say that paperwork isn’t so much in my wheelhouse.  So the less I do, the better it is for everyone 🙂

But here’s the real deal:  my weaknesses provide platform for the Holy Spirit to help & be strong through me.  The tricky part for me is to acknowledge that I need Help – not just professional help, but even better, Divine Help!  Be sure to grab a copy of my latest book to see how you can walk with Divine Help!

In Step with the Spirit

One thought on “Not My Strength

  1. Thank You for these good words today. In your book- walking in step, I read that you had a concussion. I had one sept 2016 and took months to get back to – I guess – my new normal. Today, my head isn’t feeling too good , somethings off and your words and book have reminded me to focus and to let Him lead me even if I feel weak. Thank you
    — wondering if you are fully recovered or still have down days ?

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