Mawwage is what bwings us together

I’m trying to spell out the Bill Crystal line in Princess Bride about “marriage is what brings us together” & you probably think my computers spell check went funky ,)
I’m writing on marriage today as my husband & I are celebrating our 20th anniversary today & I think that’s some noteworthy evidence of God’s grace 🙂
Here are some things I’m learning about marriage along the way:
*lots of grace, patience & flexibility is a foundational necessity toward both myself & my husband
*dont say everything you think – it’s often better to think through my thoughts & feelings before I just let it rip
*relationships have ebb & flow so take off the pressure of expectations & performance & enjoy the moments for what they are
*speak life, hope, honor, grace & affirmation – these words help keep our relationship strong
*when there’s conflict, be mindful to discuss behaviors rather than attacking the person
*pray alot & understand that God is using your mate to help you grow in intimacy & as a person
*be gentle
*love is a choice more than a feeling 🙂



Thank you Sarah. Your tips on marriage are valuable words to be heeded by both the married and the waiting-to- be married. Happy Anniversary!!! Wish you both God’s Eternal Blessings. Enjoy.

Pastor Sarah – HAPPY AND BLESSED ANNIVERSARY! I love your post. It says it all! And all is true! Blessings to you and Pastor Reece for many more blessed years of marriage.

Ronald Amanyire

Great tips Sarah, May God bless your marriage and Ministry, you always inspire me. Happy Anniversary

Congradulations and many blessings! I’ve done that twice and it is the greatest training ground for God’s grace, instruction, and mercy. Shalom

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