I’ve been thinking about Mary, Jesus’ mom, and how she had a pretty tough road to walk, being pregnant out of wedlock in a culture that strongly frowned on “that type of thing”. If you think about Mary’s situation, she went through a pretty tricky season.
In different but also similar ways to Mary, we all have lots of challenges & difficulties. So if I look at the what Mary said in her season of unwed pregnancy, it helps me to know how to manage my own struggles. Simply put, Mary said, “My soul magnifies The Lord”. We can magnify the problem or we can magnify The Lord, let’s chose wisely 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Magnify

  1. Get stoned – get married hmmm get stoned – get married. Sometimes tough questions.
    I don’t fully understand the “love bug” but I know it exists.
    Mary – get stoned – get married
    Joseph – get married? The love bug bite of compassion?
    The challenges of life – Yeah God!!

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