Love me some tech! ,)

I’m a big tech fan – I like being able to do things with greater efficiency & sometimes effectiveness, with the use of technology. Its also interesting to chat w my kids about life before the cell phone, personal computers, wifi & all of these wonderful inventions.
With that being said, lets be mindful that technology is a tool & not always the solution. For example, even though we can text, Facebook, FaceTime, tweet, etc, there’s nothing that will ever replace the experience of a real face to face conversation. The same holds true in our chats with God – lets not rely on methods, systems or anything that would substitute for the real face to face presence & fellowship that we can have with God! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Sarah I am very happy about your work you do for some people.
    It at the same time saddens my heart that you never reply to any messages that I have sent to you. I don’t have to say anything else because you know what I am talking about.
    Prayers And Love,for All, In Christ Jesus
    Evangelist Chaplain Louise @ CECM Bibles Around The World

        • Louise, I apologize that it seems like I’m not replying to your messages – I have received nothing in my private message box from you on FB (I just double checked) and from my recollection, I haven’t seen any comments on my blog except the previous one I just responded to. Perhaps there is a technical glitch. Thanks for trying nonetheless

  2. Carving out the time is sometimes the problem with or without technology. Right now I am staring at Pikes Peak through the pine trees contemplating your message through technology. Hmmmm the hummingbirds are wonderful.

    • Dear Sarah I, didn’t see your last message Please Forgive me. I did leave a message in the Private Message box on Face Book Months ago I Will Leave another. Thank You, In Christ Jesus service, Love, and Prayers
      Evangelist Chaplain Louise @ CECM Bibles Across America And The World

  3. Dear MJ I Love the Hummingbirds to. Pikes Peak sounds like Tennessee. I Was born not far from there ๐Ÿ™‚

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