Let Go

There are some dangerous traps that we fall into, often with well-intentioned ignorance. Let’s consider that many of these traps started off in good ways, as tools that have been helpful, but maybe such tools have turned into traps. Consider some of these possible traps:

  • Achievements: while it’s helpful to achieve lots of good things, sometimes this becomes a trap when we find our value / significance in what we do instead of who we are, a fully loved child of God. Full stop.
  • Cell phones: a helpful tool, but a dangerous trap that can disconnect us from engaging in this moment & from what’s happening immediately around us 
  • Money: we know that money can help us do things, but when our lives become entrenched with acquiring or the absence of money, it’s become a trap & not a tool
  • Image: while it’s important that we reflect our internal beauty, it’s a trap to think that our image is our identity

Let’s get out of the traps that are designed to be nothing more than tools 🙂


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amén lo tomó y lo comparto!!! bendiciones

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