keep it perky

Truth be known, I’m not a Mon morning fan & when I taught high school, I used to think that hell would be made up of perpetual Monday mornings.  So on that happy note, let’s think about some really awesome things to keep our Monday perky & uplifting:

  • God’s love is continuous & reliable
  • Life is about exploring God’s love for us throughout each day
  • nothing we do or don’t do can make God love us less
  • we can trust God to work in our lives to bring about good things as we stay in love with God & true to God’s purposes for us
  • God is in control, full stop

🙂  Have an awesome Monday!

One thought on “keep it perky

  1. Sarah your intercessions of the Father are beautiful uplifting , make the loneliness and pain of a test finds no threats that an Amiga hold you to go to battle to the enemy and persevere in what you want sure the Lord will bless your life with the goal to reach … Besosss Cristina Parodi

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