Jesus’ miracles

I read this morning about how Jesus multiplied the fish & loaves for several thousand people & how they were in total awe of Jesus’ power.  The very next day, the crowd tracked Jesus down & had an interesting discussion with Him about the multiplied fish & bread miracle.  After reading about this (John 6), it seems to me that the crowd was coming after Jesus to keep doing the free food thing – who wouldn’t want free food?!?

But here’s the real challenge for those of us who follow Jesus:  let’s stay connected to Jesus not merely for what He does, but moreso for WHO He is, keeping our intimacy with Jesus healthy, vibrant & transformational 🙂

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  1. Hmmmm Great Thought – but putting the thought back to a familial basis – can you really seperate the two agendas. Of course as kids – they NEED the provisions – no choice. And when you consider AGAPE love, then does it really matter because you give, and give, and give, and give – no matter what. In fact Christ showed the ultimate agape love gift of His Life for us. However, to me it is “what can I show in return” – Phileo is fish sandwich for fish sandwich, but I believe a simple praise and heartfelt thank you from one of my kids melts the butter… if you know what I mean.
    Next test question boss – Smile

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