I need you

I grew up as a very independent person & felt very strongly that being independent was a noble aim. Now, I’m not so sure. I find myself frequently in situations where I’m inadequate, not smart enough nor strong enough to handle what’s happening. More often than not, the people who are around me have solutions I’ve not thought of, strength I don’t have & poise for the pressures of the moment. And if all of that isn’t enough, I hear that still, small & comforting voice in my heart saying, “I’m here.” I’m finding that we need each other & it’s a wonderful discovery!


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  1. Well age and experience has a lot to do with it. However on the flip side I couldn’t tell you a thing about the care of 3rd world babies. Don’t try to be “all that” – it’s ok to say I don’t know. Stick to your strong suite – Jesus.

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