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Tonight at our church, my husband & I are talking about sex.  We’re splitting the audience so he’ll take the guys & I’ll take the chicks.  For some quick insight, I HATE talking about this subject.  In high school, I scheduled all of my orthodontist appointments to happen during the human sexuality class.  Nevertheless, it’s a really important topic and the society in which I live seems to be more & more hyper-sexual.

As I’ve been thinking about what to say, I’ve found it really encouraging that the Bible is not mute on this topic.  In fact, it has lots to say about it & you might consider looking into a few of the following references for some reflection:  Leviticus 18, Matt 5:27-29, Rom 1:21-32, 1 Cor  6:12-20 & 1 Cor 7:1-5

Of course I could turn this particular post into something steamy & controversial, but I’d prefer to let the Bible do the talking for me on this topic.  Of course you are very free & entirely accurate to call me chicken 🙂

Or you can come tonight & get more details ,)


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Oh man – so tempting hahaha. I’ve never found a preacher yet that can get real about the subject – even though Jimmy Baker and Swaggert had more than book knowledge. Haha
Hey I met you today – you’re right maybe you should have some guest speakers ( my ex would entertain your group – she could tell you about the time we took the mother in law to the Diamond Cabaret ) Oh well, nice seeing you.
I got so caught up in the Lord arranging the brief meet n greet that I forgot to deliver the rest of the message.
“TAKE A LOOK FROM LAZARUS POINT OF VIEW – Are you brave enough??”

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