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Have you read my latest book, Jesus Chicks?  Here’s the honest truth:  this is the best thing I’ve published so far & I sincerely believe everyone should read it!  Why?  Because this book will help you experience & know Jesus is greater clarity, connection and transformation.  I’ve done some TV programs on it and boatloads of peeps have told me how much they loved it!  So here are a few things for your consideration:

  1. buy the book:  here are a few links you can use to buy it:  Jesus Chix  Amazon
  2. write a review on Amazon – this would be extremely helpful!
  3. write a review on Good Reads
  4. Share this post on your social media outlets:  facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, etc 🙂

Thanks heaps for following my blog and for helping me with this really cool project 🙂

PS All of the proceeds from my Jesus Chicks book go to help with our work with Saving Moses we save babies where the need is most urgent & the care is least available 🙂


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Cristina Parodi

Sarah blessings with your new book !!! it of bencdicion for many hard hearts who need the shelter of the Lord kisses !!!!

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