hot topic: April Fools

Happy April 1st!  When I was younger, I looked forward to this day because I thoroughly enjoyed pulling pranks on unsuspecting victims and April Fools gave me the perfect excuse & opportunity.  Now that I’m a little older, I’m hopefully a little less foolish & I’m definitely less of a prankster.  But here are a few things that Proverbs has to say about fools and being foolish:

  • a fool always loses his temper – Prov 29:11
  • a fool returns to his folly as a dog returns to his vomit – Prov 26:11
  • fools are arrogant and careless – Prov 14:16
  • fools often think their way is always right – Prov 12:15

While it’s April Fools Day, lets consistently decide not to be foolish 🙂

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