Grace, rain & babies

Today has been quite interesting & to be truthful, I wasn’t looking forward to this day when I woke up. Yesterday was pretty rough for me emotionally & today’s schedule was supposed to be more of the same: lots of time in some really sketchy slums & talking with women about their babies & the needs that they have. When you listen to these amazing women (many who earn a living in the sex industry), sit on their “doorsteps” and get a glimpse into their lives & think about the future for their babies & children, it can be very disturbing. The more I listen, hold their babies & take in their day to day living, I find myself having trouble processing everything.
So today, I went slowly, listened, leaned intently into God & trusted one moment at a time. It also helped that we got to walk through a pretty big slum in the middle of a rainstorm so this put some freshness into the experience.
Please know that I really appreciate your prayers & encouragement. Thank you for helping me to sense God’s love as Saving Moses grows & is becoming increasingly effective.




Alice Jackson

Sarah, blessings and bravo to you. You had a rough day yesterday, but you got up today and forged ahead with the grace of God. Did you know – you walk through walls? Everytime something gets in your way, you process it and move onward and upward. Your personality and God’s good gifts have blessed you to bless others. I applaud you and respect your mission to bless and protect God’s children and their mothers. Bless you always.

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