giant killing strategies

 I read this morning in 2 Sam 21 about the 4 sons of a Philistine giant – some of them were quite fierce.  One of them had 24 fingers & toes (6 on each hand).  Nevertheless, David’s men killed these giants, all members of the same family.  I haven’t read anywhere in the Bible about people killing giants, other than David & Goliath in 1 Sam.  Here are some of the take aways I noted when facing giants:

  • get around other giant killers – they’ll rub off on you 🙂
  • don’t let their size intimidate you – they probably move slowly & may not be very bright
  • giants often have alot of hot air (the devil goes around as a roaring lion)
  • only one place does it describe how anyone killed a giant & that was with David & Goliath;  method isn’t as important as results
  • be on the right side regardless of how things may appear to your eyes or thoughts – the giants were losers when they were confronted by David’s men
All of us have giants in our lives (jobs, families, employers, school, teachers, co-workers, relationships, emotional struggles, health challenges, etc).  I pray that you will intimidate these giants more than you’re intimidated by them.  Indeed, Jesus causes us to triumph in all things 🙂

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