getting the right match

 Before I met my husband, I had a few boyfriends who were nice guys.  Some of them were really smart, some of them were very funny, some of them were very philosophical and some had some great business skills.  They were all unique and great in their own ways.  When I met Reece, it was really obvious that we were both very different people, but in a really good way.  Of course we had some very essential commonalities, but to this day after more than 18 years of marriage, we are still very distinct and unique individuals.  One of the beauties of our relationship is how well we complement each other. 

So I’ve been thinking about this idea of complementary natures as it relates to God and us as individuals.  It seems to me that we are God’s complement – broken, weak, frail, dysfunctional, insecure, etc and God is our complement.  Sometimes I’ve tried to find my complement in various human relationships only to be disappointed and hurt.  The only true complement to our true self is the Truine God.  They have designed us to be Their complement 🙂



Love this!!! Great post!

Hmmm Along that Subject Line,Yep, That’s true God Bless as I face “D” Court tomorrow Uggghh w/ Hugely Mixed Emotions knowing what God Hates vs. Moving Forward and Romans 8:28 – that God (3) is our complement. At some point in time we all have to face Phil 3:13 not by choice, but by design and looking forward to “getting the right match” which Totally is the Three in One.

Ok, I know this is not my personal line but it is my objective to see the Lord in everything. So update on the “getting the right match” -it wasn’t “D” Court today, it turned out to be “C” Court for continuation, Ephes 3:13. “You know how to make God laugh don’t you? Tell Him your plans!” Hahaha

Lorraine Dale

That is an unforgetable comparison, Sarah. I never married, and like the idea of God being my compliment. i feel less deprived of the good life i missed, and a much closer to God with this thought. Thankyou again Sarah.

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