fun times!

[youtube=]Yesterday was a great family day!  My kids started swim lessons & even Benji was excited to jump in and have some lessons too.  Swimming is really important to me – I don’t expect my kids to be Olympians anytime soon, but I want them to be able to enjoy swimming and be proficient enough to swim without drowning.  So these lessons are important to Reece & I.  Two years ago, the swim lessons were pretty much worthless – I have higher hopes for this year.  🙂

After lessons, we went for a delightful lunch of pho & boba’s – God’s food love language to me is pho 75 w a medium #6 & and avacadoe boba.  YUM!  Our pho shop had its front window broken & the plasma tv stolen, so my kids immediately went into detective mode looking for clues as to who “stole the cookie from the cookie jar.”  😉  After pho, Isabell had a playdate w a friend and the boys & I planted our little garden.  They played w the neighbors while I studied greek.  It was an all around delightful day!  May God kiss your day today, as well. 

4 thoughts on “fun times!

  1. We took Derek swimming for the first time on Saturday – he LOVED it. Funny story, when I was about 3 years old, my dad told me he was going to teach me how to swim on a give day. We went to my aunt’s pool, he threw me in and said “swim.” After about an hour of almost drowning, I picked it up quickly. But in today’s world, you would probably have social services knocking on your door if you did that.

  2. As for swimming, I also had the immersion lesson at about 2 or 3, but without as much trauma. maybe it was a generational thing. 😉

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