friends are cool :)

God has put some amazing people in my life!!  As I’ve been thanking God for some of these individuals, I’ve observed a few things:

  • differences can be good when there’s mutual respect
  • friendships can take time to grow
  • a Joyce Meyer quote:  some relationships are for a season, some for a reason & a few for a lifetime
  • genuine friendships require mutuality
  • friendships require both listening and talking
  • a truly constructive friendship will support and encourage an ever deepening relationship w Jesus
  • a mentor isn’t the same thing as a friend

Let’s celebrate the friendships that God has put in our lives!

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  1. thankyou for this sarah! i love friendship, didnt realise that some are for a season, i wish that all friendships were for a lifetime, but we have to get over the disappointments, which i am doing with god’s help! god bless you sarah, lots of love and hugs

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