Extreme Adventure

Happy Monday to you, or whenever you read this 🙂

I’m a big fan of having adventures.  I like adventures with food, travel, sports, reading & lots more.  There is, however, one area with adventure that I’m not very bold nor risky & that’s the area of relationships.  When it comes to food, travel, sports, etc, whenever an adventure in these areas gets a little over the top, I know how to manage the risks & how to back off or resolve most of the difficulties.  With relationships, those adventures are more tricky for me to manage.  But here’s something that I’m discovering & learning:  a vibrant relationship with God is the most extreme adventure for which I could ever join.  Indeed, genuine love is bold, risky, thrilling, scary, extreme and audacious!  And jumping into genuine love is like swimming in God’s presence.  So let’s say yes to this adventure and living in an ever deepening & growing relationship with God – the Ultimate Extreme Adventure 🙂

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  1. Ok so I am on an extreme adventure too at Lake Michigan – Ohh the apple pies are wonderful. Anyway had to drive to Illinois for a reunion and of course went with some people and we wanted to avoid our drive through Chicago. So we got on some country roads and it was sooooooooo beautiful Huge Oak trees, golden harvest corn, blue skies, and someone started complaining about losing some time -when would be back to the highway. And the Lord spoke to my heart about my journey- just enjoy the moment! Forget about the rush and time. Enjoy His Sonshine. Enough said – it was a beautiful drive through “Autumn Cornville USA”

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