dying my hair

Here’s the honest truth:  my hair is about 80% white.  I inherited the premature grey gene from my dad & discovered this with my first white hair when I was about 14 years old.  So lurking beneath the massively effective efforts of my amazing hair stylist are these grey roots that always seem to win over time.  I could be resentful of my genetic makeup, disappointed that the grey eventually always wins or pretend that I’m a different person wearing trendy sunglasses & sporting a skunk streak ,)

Here’s my takeaways on hair dye:

  • accept with joy how God has made you – fearfully & wonderfully made
  • Proverbs says that grey hair is a sign of wisdom – sounds like a good plan
  • better grey than nay (my dad was bald)

happy Monday to you! 🙂

6 thoughts on “dying my hair

  1. Save the grey for a rainy day – RU kidding – you don’t need grey to make you wise.
    You’ve gone through a lot of modifications in the past 5 years – TV has a personality
    of it’s own it’s called consistency. Keep taking the geritol if that is what you need and
    run with a control group from another resource if you have a question – plzzzzzzzzz!!
    My ex wife cut off all her hair for a cancer donation and it all came back in grey when
    she found out it made her look 90 years older, she bought 3 wigs off Broadway/Alameda
    and looked 10 years younger. Sorry straight up from someone who will still admire you whatever you choose, but my vote is NO not now.

  2. Okay thought it about it some more – you were just on afternoon in your favorite green blouse and looked like blonde streaks – that’s what they do in California. However I saw 4 different Sarah’s in the same show Intro – “hot”short hair (my fave), the missionary look (saving Moses), your current ? look as in these posts (sorry haven’t been to church in a while), and the blonde or gray streaks.
    Hmmm had this from this mornings show thinking about yesterday’s post. What 2 ministries always look about the same? Your mom and Joel Osteen…
    You have a consistent voice and mannerisms, but since you are in a changing environment / kids etc. you just haven’t found your look – as stated before I love your ministry because of it’s relevancy and I think you should have your own show right after John Paul / Daystar.
    But from watching hundreds of ministries and shows – you will figure it out.
    Jack Palance – “City Slickers” – the one thing. Smile

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