do you have big dreams???

I was in a small group one time & they used the icebreaker, “If you could attempt anything & not fail, what would you do?”.  I love to think about this from time to time because it helps me to dream big & I love to have big dreams like reducing infant mortality in crazy countries like Somalia, Congo, Angola, Sierra Leone, etc.  I like to dream about how effective our nightcare facilities can be in serving, nurturing & loving the infants of sex workers.  I love to dream about the ways that Saving Moses can be effective.  But I’m learning that such dreams without teamwork are nothing less than fairy tales – “Once upon a time, . . . “

Image Here’s my take away, the bigger the dream, the greater the need for teamwork.  Going to the grocery store for our family’s weekly needs doesn’t require much teamwork.  Loving, caring for & changing the future for millions of infants requires massive teamwork.  Maybe that’s why God is Three – the Original Team 🙂


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Nita Claudette Hicks (@nita1318)

Lovely thoughts. Enjoyed reading your thoughts.

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