Design Life

My husband was an engineer when we were first married & he schooled me on the idea of design life – everything is created with a design life (length of time for which it will be functional). This was a new idea to me when he explained it & now, I’m not as surprised when things stop working. For example, our phones have a design life of about 2years & the phone charger in my car seems to have a design life of maybe 3months :/
Thankfully, the design life of our relationship with God is eternal & infinite, a sharp contrast with everything human 🙂



Likewise – what is our role / destination here on planet earth – to sell another house? – go to work everyday for the benefit of the company and a paycheck? Take the kids to soccer? Hmmmmm what is our mission (s)? And what are their shelf lives?
There are 2 certainties in life other than gravity – God & Change, but gravity is a law could it ever be under grace??? Smile

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