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Sarah is available to speak at your church, group, or event!

Email Kristina @ or call 303-729-1300 ext#120 for more information.


13 thoughts on “Connect

    • Thank you Sarah for your prayers. I asked that you keep me and my son’s in prayer that we continue to have all that the Lord has promise us. Pray for my son car to be fixed so he can get back and forth to work, and he will be blessed with a full time job.

  1. Thank you Sarah for your thoughtful words and works of love given in inspiration for God’s people. You are beautiful and blessed!
    Please pray that Jehova God reconcile my mother’s spirit (Emily) back to Him before she passes; she denies the Christ today and is a New Ager.

  2. God bless you, Sarah, for wonderful inspiration on my journey of faith. I also enjoy watching the program with you and your mother. Been watching for several years. Thank you and God bless your mother as well. Have a blessed day.

  3. Sarah, years ago my husband was in training with you for Equip Ministries and we’ve been fans ever since. A little over a month ago I watched your program on Night Care, in fact I watched it twice in one day. The Lord used that to send this 70 yr old grandma (who hasn’t worked in 20 years) back to work in order to give to that program. I am about to donate to your ministry; however, I would like to designate that it go to that particular program. Is that possible? God bless you for being a divine vessel for these precious children and their mommies.

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