changing seasons

It seems like most of America is going through the seasonal change from Spring & moving into Summer – often one of the more popular seasonal transitions 🙂 My family & I are looking forward to the long & hot days of Summer, playing in water features at various parks, taking walks in the cool of late evenings, the crisp morning greetings and doing all of the sun burn avoidance rigors.
As I think about changes of seasons, it seems to me that life is full of such changes. We go from the season of being school for 12+ years to having a full time job. We go from being single to being married or back to being single. We go from having no kids to being responsible for someone who we love more than we eve thought we possibly could.
Seasons change – and they did for Jesus as well. He changed from being a carpenter to being an “informal” Jewish teacher with thousands of fans. Jesus went from being full blown popular to being one of Jerusalem’s most hated convicts in less than 7 days.
Seasons change & it seems to me that we grow the most as humans during the changing seasons rather than the static seasons 🙂
Have a weekend filled with joy, peace & grace 🙂

5 thoughts on “changing seasons

  1. Hmmm the “change factor” isn’t it amazing how everything changes but everything stays the same. Our lives – daily constant change yet we have the constant of the sun coming up every morning and going down every evening. Isn’t God unique how He built the systems for change but He is the One that is constant.
    Ohhhhh Great message on M&S today – you are so terrific!!

  2. My season changed into retirement, or is it refirement? I am doing more for the Lord now than ever before, and wondering what the next season change will be. Maybe using my nursing for the mission field, maybe.
    Thank you for these inspiring blogs Sarah.

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