Furry Teeth

I’m happy to announce a successful dentist appointment. I have no furry teeth 🙂

Doing these routine cleanings is an essential requirement for dental hygiene & this makes me think about mental as well as spiritual hygiene. 

Just like we brush our teeth daily, we would be wise to do some daily prayer & Bible time to keep up our mental & spiritual hygiene. I’d also suggest that when we stay healthy mentally & spiritually we can be less prickly in our souls & interactions. 

Let’s stay steady with our spiritual routines so they stay in the daily category with brushing our teeth 🙂

Crowded Airplanes

Over the last few months, I’ve been traveling a fair amount & almost every plane is packed to the gills, such that sardines might be an accurate metaphor. And we Americans have this major issue w personal space – don’t touch, don’t lean, don’t talk, etc. We all wear our headphones / earbuds, keep the arm rests down & send out nonverbal cues that say “unavailable.” 

But today has been a nice exception to the standard porcupine posture. My seat mate engaged me in conversation & I learned some cool stuff! We didn’t solve any global crisis but the interaction reminds me to be hospitable & cordial. 

Sometimes we have to be willing to go past our comfort & culture to having meaningful connections. It’s good to talk with people who don’t look nor act like we do!

Broken Stuff

My phone is broken so it’s difficult to type the letters “c” & “r”.  So whenever I text or post something with these letters, it can be a spelling disaster & I look like I’m illiterate. And it’s abundantly frustrating!!  I’ve done the updates & tried to troubleshoot & fix this but to no avail. I think something is broken inside my phone. 

And when stuff is broken inside, it’s obvious on the outside. This also holds true for our human existence. When people act whacky, let’s be aware that this often reflects something broken on the inside. Compassion, truth, genuine love & grace are helpful salve to heal & redeem what’s broken inside others as well as ourselves 🙂


I hate this word & I’m learning to appreciate it at the same time. When I hear the word, “recalculating” it’s usually when my phone is giving me driving directions & I’ve missed a turn or I’m lost. More honestly, it means that I wasn’t listening or paying attention to the instructions, which happens more than I want to admit. 

This makes me wonder how often Holy Spirit recalculates our journey together.  And some questions begin to circulate in my thoughts:  Are we walking toward the same goal?  Do I want what Holy Spirit wants? Am I walking in step with Holy Spirit?  Am I listening to the directions throughout any given day?  

Not only do I want Holy Spirit to recalculate my journey so that I stay in step together, but I need Holy Spirit to recalibrate my attention so there’s less recalculating 🙂

Anyone agree with me? 

Moving Forward

In Bangledash today, i saw some of the journey that the Rohingya take from Myanmar into Bangledesh.  The Rohingya are a Muslim minority group that have lived in Myanmar for centuries. They have recently been violently displaced by the Myanmar military, despite the total denial by the military. This picture is the border between Myanmar & Bangledesh with a camp of 6,000 refugees, presently in no mans land. They can’t return to Myanmar & there’s hesitation for them to move forward into Bangledesh.

Upon making their way into Bangledesh, a Rohingya family, usually with at least 5-7 members will find their way to a transit center, which is a temporary shelter for a few days, into something more “permanent” can be located for them in one of the burgeoning camps nearby, with already more than 200,000 residents. These camps are stretched in their capacity to provide latrines, clean water & basic health care.

Nonetheless, the Rohingya are physically more safe here than in their native homeland. These are some pictures of these beautiful people. Please pray for the Rohingya.


Old Technology

As technology improves, I find myself becoming increasingly impatient. It I think about using a modem to connect to the web, it brings back the memories of that static sound before the connection tone. And then I think about the phones we used & how I’d stretch the cord too far & rip it off the wall. And rotary phones, well, that’s like the ultimate triceratops dinosaur!
So maybe your walk with the Holy Spirit could use some renovation & even upgrades! Please pop over to Amazon & buy new new book,

In Step With The Holy Spirit,

just launching today! Let’s be sure our walk with the Holy Spirit isn’t stuck in the glorious past nor overlooked in perfunctory acknowledgment!

Riding the Bus

I’ve taken to riding the bus to the airport & I love it! I really appreciate that someone else does all the navigating through traffic, the seats are cushioned, the temperature is pleasant & I can do my work while I ride! When I would drive myself to the airport, I’d have to be alert, dodge traffic, find a very distant parking space, walk through the cold / heat & hopefully have enough time to get through security, etc.
it seems to me that walking with the Holy Spirit is sometimes like taking the bus to a destination. Although it requires us to trust the Holy Spirit, the journey is much more enjoyable, less stressful & we usually land a lot closer to the destination than if we navigate life all alone.
If you want to learn to walk with the Holy Spirit better, pick up my new book,

In Step

& you’ll have some new experiences in your daily living from walking with the Spirit!

Do You Want Resurrection?

Here’s the truth: I’m selfish, impatient, insensitive, unforgiving, unkind, irreverent, apathetic & heaps more ugly things. While I don’t want to behave in these ways, nonetheless, the bad that I don’t want to do is what I often wind up doing. And the good that I want to do, I don’t often do. I want to live in resurrection & not my deplorable humanity. So what’s the answer?
The answer to living in resurrection is to be crucified with Christ – Galatians 2:20. Indeed, there were two men crucified with Christ. One man mocked Jesus with the rest of the bystanders & one man recognized Jesus for who He is, the sinless Son of God.
So on this Good Friday, I chose to join Jesus on the cross, crucifying my flesh so that Jesus resurrected life can flow through my daily living. When I live the crucified life, then I’m unselfish, patient, sensitive, forgiving, kind, reverent & ultimately, genuine love is my default nature! Anyone care to join me in the crucified life so Jesus’ resurrection can live through us?

Be the Difference!

This morning I enjoyed some very tasty chai some where in rural Bangledesh. As my friends and I waited for the gentleman to make the chai, a crowd accumulated around us as we were definite novelties. A person could get jittery surrounding by curious strangers with no communication possibilities. Then add on that we were the only females in the group & a person could be intimidated, even scared.

But I’ve found that being friendly & fun can make these kinds of situations into loads for fun everyone! Furthermore, if a person doesn’t take themselves too seriously it’s even more entertaining for everyone!

Let’s be the difference in our world – full of light, love, joy & LIFE!!


Looking for Jesus: Clear Vision


Ok, I can appreciate that I’m stretching the limits with putting Jesus in my swim goggles, but I think this picture can help us as we look for Jesus.
As you look at this picture, you have to do a double take to think about what you’re seeing. After a moment to process, you figure out my cheesy attempt to put Jesus in some accessories that you would likely not expect. And that’s my point.
Sometimes, we can be too religious about our expectations of where we find Jesus, like in church, in a Bible study or while listening to some worship tunes. But my challenge for you today is to watch for Jesus in the more unconventional settings, maybe even while you work out today (if that’s part of today’s schedule). The truth is that when I swim, I pray, express gratitude to Jesus & review the Bible verses that I’m memorizing. This makes my workout more enjoyable! Here are a few more suggestions on looking for Jesus:

  • At the coffee shop & praying for the person who might look distraught
  • During traffic & looking for Jesus’ help not to be rude or tailgate
  • In conversations that seem to exceed your wisdom or patience – asking for a greater awareness of Jesus being present
  • In the lonely moments of a day, recognizing that Jesus never leaves or forsakes us.

Jesus is everywhere if we’ll be willing to look past the surface 🙂

pass / fail

I’m not a fan of tests but we all got through tests. Sometimes we get to chose from a few options & sometimes we have to chose between two options, like true or false.
Thankfully, we always have help with various tests because the Holy Spirit is or heavenly Help! Additionally, let’s remember that tests usually last for a season & then we can some breathing room after the test.
If you’re going through a test, I pray that the Holy Spirit would help you, give you peace in your heart & some helpful answers / solutions!

Hot Topic: Be An Olympian!

I seriously love watching amatuer athletes obliterate records and defy conventional thinking.  In this year’s Olympics, I’ve dropped my teeth on more than one occassion:

  • watching Ledeky become la pescada with her 800m swim that left me speechless
  • seeing Simone Biles defy gravity, celebrating her epic tenacity & talent
  • observing the winning exchange between Nikki Hamblin & Abbey D’Agostino in the 500m qualifying race

The Olympics this year have been very incredible in many different ways.  As I’ve thought about some of stand-out moments & athletes, I asked myself the questions, “In what way would I want to be an Olympian & not just in an athletic context?  How could I be an olympian person in a spiritual context?”  As I thought about these questions, I remembered the story of Perpetua, a third century martyr, who died as she said, “stand fast in the faith and love one another.”  I applaud the athletic achievements that have marked the Olympics this year, but may our love for Jesus and others be every bit as olympian, with the help of the Holy Spirit!

Keep Looking

“Where is Jo-Jo?”  I’d circled through the stark malnutrition clinic in Angola with Saving Moses, looking for the struggling little baby that I’d met just before we took a break for lunch.  I remembered seeing Jo-Jo’s mom: she was extremely tired and her nerves were obviously frayed.  But I was hopeful for Jo-Jo, since she was in our clinic now and could receive some medical care and a steady supply of the malnutrition formula that has kept literally thousands of babies from dying.

I talked with my friends about Jo-Jo over lunch and I was eager return to the clinic and  encourage her mom that we would do our level best to help her frail daughter to survive and even thrive.  I walked through our clinic again, slower this time, looking for little Jo-Jo in her bright red shirt.  I couldn’t find her so I asked our translator to check in with the nurse to see where Jo-Jo was.  “Her mom took her and left,” was the nurse’s reply.  “We have to find her!  She doesn’t stand a chance of surviving without our help!  Where’s her file, find her address, call the phone number, let’s go to her house, let DO SOMETHING!!!”  I was really upset and I could tell the nurse was also very disturbed.  We looked at Jo-Jo’s chart, found a phone number and only the name of the neighborhood where she lived, since Angola doesn’t use an address system like we do in the US. There was no chance of finding her in the neighborhood listed, it was HUGE.  When we called the number listed on the chart, there was no answer.  So how could we keep trying to find Jo-Jo?  Could we send someone to her neighborhood in the very remote chance we’d find her?

We did this and we kept calling the phone number, but we never found Jo-Jo and given the extremely frail state of her little body, I would suppose that she died.  This has really bothered me for a very long time because Jo-Jo’s mom seemed to have given up all hope for her daughter to live.  What kind of hell does a mom go through to get to the point of giving up hope for her baby to live?  Could I have been more sensitive to the mom’s exhausted state?  What would I do differently in this situation for the future?

Some things are deeply disturbing and this is probably a good thing because such experiences can interrupt our comfortable living and provoke us to bring genuine love and life to the world in which we live.  Let’s keep looking for ways to let God love the world through us.

Help to Grow

One of the things my parents invested in me that I deeply appreciate is the importance of growing. My parents always affirmed my efforts to grow in a plethora of ways – intellectually, athletically, socially, spiritually, etc. 
Consequently, I’m a firm advocate of personal growth & one of the ways that helps me grow is by reading. So here’s a list of books I’ve read lately that have helped me learn & grow:

*Warrior Ethos by Steven Pressfield

*Resilience by Eric Greitens

*RA Torrey’s book on the Holy Spirit

  • CS Lewis’ Space Trilogy

*Mans Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

*Purity of Heart by Kierkegaard 

*Essentialism by McKeow

Consider, as well, pre-ordering my new book Heavenly Help – it’s a must read to help us grow closer to God 🙂

keep on keeping on

We have all had our share of setbacks & mishaps, no matter if you’re the best or worst planner in the world.  When something bad happens that you didn’t expect, it’s not the time to have a melt down.  In fact, in the face of adveristy & setbacks, it’s often the best time to test your grit & resilience.

For example, this morning I read about how Jesus delivered two men from demonic possession & instead of their town being excited about such wonderful news, the town turned out to demand that Jesus leave their vicinity.  While the town’s rejection could have been framed as a debilitating setback, Jesus chose to move on to the next town.  The town’s rejection didn’t affect His identity.

Don’t let setbacks, rejections, shortfalls or the unexpected poison your soul.  Get up & keep going because Gal 6:9 says that we’ll receive a reward if we don’t quit or give up!  Don’t forget that Heavenly Help can be extremely helpful with strengthening your soul!


Keeping Perspective

Sometimes we get in situations & seasons that are not pleasant. Such challenges can include a bad report from a medical test, job changes, not being accepted at a university, waiting in a long & interminable line, etc. in these occasions, it helps me to do a few of these things & maybe these could help you as well:

  • Look for the good things happening around you
  • Chose to be friendly & grateful – being cranky is draining
  • Think about your favorite Bible story & imagine you’re in that story as one of the characters you like
  • Pray – asking for divine Help is always a premium upgrade 🙂

Hot Topic: Get HELP!!

Changing a tire, smoke alarms, sermon advice, editing with writing, parenting struggles, matching clothes, staying patient, . . . . these things barely scratch the surface of areas where I need help.  Admitting that I need help is a very big struggle for me.  So when Jesus said in John 14, that He would send His followers another Helper, I always thought, “That’s nice.  I hope some folk benefit from that help.”  I never really thought I needed “help” until I began digging into Jesus’ words to His disciples at the Last Supper in John 14-16.

Having studied and prayed about Jesus’ words in these chapters, I have become unraveled and undone, full stop.  So I wrote a book about this & you should buy it, now (pre-order) before it becomes back-ordered.  Actually, order at least 5 books because it’s awesome for small group discussions, book clubs and giving away as gifts 🙂

Here’s some helpful resources to look at:  Heavenly Help

Getting Rid of Stress

This morning, one of my children who will remain nameless, was moving very, very, very slowly, despite my efforts to motivate them. This of course stressed me out & the slower they moved the more stressed I became. My mental conversation went something like this: they don’t have enough time to eat breakfast, they’re not wearing socks, where did I get the idea that having children would be an idyllic experience, why am I more amped about late than this child, why didn’t they set their alarm, it’s too early in the day to be this stressed out . . . . 
There were lots more things that ran through my mind but you get the general gist. 

Some of our stress is self-inflicted & we can learn, grow & hopefully avoid these in the future. Some of our stress, however, is from the outside & sometimes unavoidable. So what to do in these situations? Here are a few ideas that might help:

  • Pause & step back from the situation to assess: Could I be overreacting? Is my behavior making the situation worse? What is a possible root cause for this stress?
  • Close your eyes & take a deep breath: sometimes this can clear our mind enough to give us some healthy perspective
  • Walk through: remind yourself that this stress is likely limited in time & will have a conclusion if you keep going (avoidance usually makes it worse)
  • Pray: ask for divine help to navigate & have strength to overcome without being overcome

Consider that stress can be a useful instrument to help us grow into stronger people. This quote helps me think in a more constructive way about stress:  
“The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” Hemingway  

Brighten Up, Lighten Up


I can tend to be rather serious-minded & I also tend to run deep. While these traits can be really awesome, sometimes I can be too heavy. So from time to time, I purposely get some levity & laugh SUPER hard with some really crazy friends whom I love & treasure deeply!
In Proverbs 17:22, it says that a cheerful heart is good medicine, so let’s be sure to have some good medicine in our lives & keep a cheerful heart 🙂


I’m sitting here in Angola with some of the absolutely coolest people in the world, doing outrageous God work with Saving Moses! I’m surrounded by wisdom, passion, dedication, creativity, golden hearts & indescribable devotion to Jesus. My new friend, Kyle, is entirely rocking the video scene – he takes my breath away with his creativity, enthusiasm & intelligence. Across from me is Heidi, the Ops Director for Saving Moses & she is totally a God provision!!  She’s everything I’m not: business minded, smart, focused & all things beautiful – I am so very honored to get to work with her!  On my right is my good friend Joe, whom I’ve known for more than 20 years. He’s rock solid, one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met & has a heart of gold! I’m also thrilled to get to work with my friend Clint, whom I would Xerox & make 60 copies of him if I could. His heart is so clean, pure & devoted to bringing Jesus in  totally tangible ways to people wherever he goes. Finally, my friend Steve is sitting on my left. Steve & I are soul buddies, have gone through thick & thin. We are compatriots, leading with our hearts & letting the brain tag along for the ride.  We want the world to know the overwhelming & overflowing love of Jesus in each persons daily living. 

Why God would let me be with such amazing people is evidence that God uses clay, messy & dirty, for divinely creative outcomes. This totally takes my breath away!! May each of us be on God’s team, living out kingdom values, loving well