Stubborn or Steady?

One of my kids is very steady & generally unflappable. They don’t freak out easily & I love that they are so level. The other side is that they can also be stubborn & resistant to change. I’ll totally give you that not all change is good. But being hostile to change can prevent a person from growing, learning & maturation. 
Let’s be people who get the good stuff out of being faithful & steady. But let’s also be people who can learn, adapt & grow! Seems to me that we become moribund & zombie-ish when we refuse to learn & change. If we are perpetually changing, however, we risk the danger of not being committed, the lack of roots & absence of fruit :)

Balance, my friends, is the wise choice!

Don’t Regress

Ever feel like life sometimes has 3 steps forward & then 1-2 steps back? Truthfully, Monday mornings often feel like the toucan two step with some possible backward progress. 
Translation: I’m not a Monday morning fan. 

But no matter what happens or doesn’t happen on difficult days, let’s keep in mind that God has given us the ability to chose our attitude, words & actions. I’m very happy to have this ability & I just need to be careful that I keep my attitudes, words & actions moving forward & positive rather than letting them slip into some Monday doldrums :)

I’m choosing not to regress – anyone with me?

I’m sorry

“I messed up & I’m sorry.” It used to be really difficult for me to say these words. They would stick in my throat & it felt like I was choking when I tried to say them. I probably struggled saying them because I was embarrassed, sometimes it was pride & often I was insecure. I’m probably still insecure, prideful & embarrassed from time to time but I can say, “I’m sorry” lots easier than I did in the past. 
And here’s the new adventure: saying “I’m sorry” is an important step in the process of change. Indeed, saying these words can be empty & insincere if I’m not willing to change & grow. So now, I celebrate the achievement of being able to say “I’m sorry” with ease while undertaking the challenge of matching my actions to my words – grace to grow & change :)

Toss the anchor

Anchors help keep a boat steady & locked down. They’re helpful when there’s a need for stability & immobility. On the flip side, anchors don’t let a boat do what it’s designed to do – float & move. There are times & places for anchors but not if there’s a need for freedom & movement. 

Sometimes we might have anchors in our lives that restrict us from flowing & staying in synch with the Holy Spirit. Some of these impeding anchors might include:

  • fear: maybe we’re scared of what might happen or afraid of failing or making a mistake
  • routine: if our routines become ruts, then were merely living in a grave with the ends kicked out!  May our routines facilitate walking with the Holy Spirit :)
  • unbelief:  sometimes we can have a very serious problem if our intellect undermines rather than supports faith
  • people: I’m a firm believer that people are important & let’s be keenly aware of the influences we let people have in our lives

Let’s keep ourselves anchored into a tandem lifestyle with the Holy Spirit :)

Sink or Synch

I like to swim & maybe someday I’ll get really good at it. In the meantime, I practice & make incremental improvements. For example, my favorite laps are when I do “pull” swimming – all arms & no kick. I particularly like it when I get in a rhythm / synch & can review my Bible verses as I swim. There’s a beautiful synch experience that I love when this happens & is the antithesis of sinking :)
I think this same parallel exists when it comes to walking with the Holy Spirit – there’s a very supernatural synch that happens when keep cadence with the Holy Spirit & when we get out of step, we tend to sink. Just some nice food for thought on this happy Tuesday :)

let’s be honest

I had an interesting conversation with a friend last week about how she felt like some Christians didn’t accept her because of some of her questions, doubts and frustrations.  She explained how that in the past she’d expressed some doubts or struggles in her faith in a small group and some of the members of the group were unkind, dismissive and disdainful.

Seems to me that if we are going to sincerely love each other, as Jesus instructs, that we need to walk the journey together more than criticize, critique or exclude.  Jesus knew that Peter would struggle in his faith, deny and abandon Jesus, but that didn’t detour Jesus from staying Peter’s friend.  In fact, Jesus closed the loop on any questions about His love for Peter in John 21 with His questions about Peter’s love for Him.

Jesus love us, full stop.  I pray that I wholly let Jesus love others well & authentically through me :)

Be a Hero!

Sometimes the word “hero” conjures up ideas of someone who is larger than life – maybe a superhero like Captain America or Thor, from the Avengers. So there’s this kind of silent default thinking that happens in my mind that I’ll never be that amazing, so don’t even try. When I think this way, I quietly give myself permission to be self absorbed, detached & ultimately anti-heroic. 
Being a hero can most certainly be the person who does massive & sacrificial things. But I think that being a hero is more about a mindset than a one-time action. Being a hero can happen in actions of all sizes. A hero in our world is a person with a hero’s point of view: sacrificial, generous, encouraging, affirming, engaged, minimal or devoid of complaints & criticisms. Let’s consider that a hero is a lot about how we think & not just what we do :)

Saving Moses has an awesome opportunity for you to be a hero :)