I Like to Practice!

Proficient is a consequence of practice & it seems to me that practice gives us the space to make mistakes, learn, improve & grow into proficiency. So these are the things that I am continually practicing:

  • Gratitude – I’m not sure that we can ever be fully proficient with being thankful, so let’s keep practicing
  • Forgiveness – it’s hard to forgive, particularly when a person who is very close to us causes us pain, but just because something is hard doesn’t mean we should quit trying; indeed, the person who gets the most benefit from is the forgiver more than the recipient
  • Learning – let’s be curious about beneficial things & not stuff that’s meaningless or hurtful
  • Patience – uggggh, this one can really get under my skin, which means I desperately need to practice it more so it’s not such a weak spot

So what would be good for you to start practicing more over this weekend?

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welcome to Morocco!

What an amazing place!  I’m presently in Fez Morocco, where U2 wrote / made almost half of their last CD.  This place is simply amazing.  The people are very warm, friendly, welcoming.  We walked around the Medina & it was almost ethereal – sights, sounds, smells, people, . . . . all very riveting.

I’m going to attach several pictures because I think they can say more than my words 🙂



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