Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Getting What You Want

Despite our best intentions, all of us can struggle with getting what we want. And what we want seems to flitter from stuff, to time, to clothes, to gadgets, to health, to relationships and lots more. I was recently giving God an earful about not getting something that I thought I wanted. Instead of getting my way, it seemed like the exact opposite was happening & there wasn’t anything I could do to change the situation. But what I could change was my attitude – and our attitudes can be a powerful tool when we make wise choices. 
On top of working through my attitude choices in my recent situation, I also learned that while I may not always get what I want, I can trust God to give me what I need 🙂

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spring revnovation :)

I was talking w a friend this morning about  how she helped her daughter make a diarama (or however you spell it) for her class – sounded pretty cool.  On a personal note, I’m “craft impaired.”  Whenever I help my children with their school projects that require some craftsmanship – I literally cringe because even when I try to draw a stick figure, it’s generally pathetic.  However, I did just renovate the header for this blog to raise the visibility for

I’d encourage you to check out this website to see some really cool things that we are getting to do around the world!  Happy Spring renovating 🙂

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Some thoughts about Saving Moses

I’ve been thinking about Saving Moses & here are some things I’ve been pondering:

  • people from the ages 0-5 are often unable to clearly communicate their needs – how many moms have been at least a little frustrated trying to figure out what their unhappy newborn wants?  How much more a newborn with no mom??
  • the most formative years for a person is from 0-5years of age
  • a helpless infant doesn’t have to be hopeless or without a hopeful future
  • small things for infants and toddlers have massive results – both negatively & positively
  • Jesus, Moses, Josiah and others infants in the Bible had crisis moments where someone stepped in to protect them – to be a hero

This week on our TV program, Today w Marilyn & Sarah, we aired our 1st Saving Moses program – I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting this is to me.  Furthermore, we have our website up & running –  Finally, you can also following saving Moses on twitter:  savingmoses.  At the end of this month, I get to go to Haiti w saving Moses to check on a program that we joined to immunize infants against common diseases before the onset of the rainy season there, when these diseases begin to really escalate.  Such simple & small things making the difference between life & death, health & weakness, helpless & hopeful.

This blog is an unapologetic advert for saving moses 🙂


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Well today was captivating!! This morning, we were able to visit a barrio w many Nicaraguan refugees who live next to a garbage dump – it was extremely heart warming to get to share w some of Gods love w this community & the beautiful families we were able to touch. Such sweet people!
Our team was able to retrn in the afternoon & bring some coloring bks, crayons & food.
Then tonight, I had the tremendous honor of getting to worship w & minister to the youth & young adults at Centro Evangelistico – a totally GREAT church here in San Jose Costa Rica!! I shared about not letting our past control our future. Then, we got to minister & pray w people at the end. I seriously think I must be Gods favorite person on the planet tonight – getting to share His love in so many different ways today. He has captured my heart, yet again & I’m so happy that He has!!
It’s time to sleep now & dream about Jesus. I’ll blog tomorrow to keep you posted about the adventures of the day ,)

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Costa Rica, here we come!!

I’m very excited to get to go to Costa Rica today! Our womens metoring exhange is joining a few thousand women from Central America to experience God, have some great fellowship & let Gods word & presence soak into our hearts!!
I’m also REALLY excited because we also get to bring Saving Moses to Cosa Rica – both Benji, my son & I are going to be doing some very essential outreaches to some impoverished communities, to demonstrate Gods tangible love, especially to kids under 5yrs old. I’m particularly excited about having my son join me for his 1st solo missions trip. I believe that this trip will be life changing for both of us!
I’ll be blogging everyday, as well as doing Twitter & Facebook updates really frequently so I’d love to have you join our adventure to keep you up to speed on what God will be doing w us!!

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