Yesterday was a red letter breakthrough day in lots of ways! I received some AWESOME news for Saving Moses, made some noteworthy headway on the concussions stuff I’ve been dealing with & made some great progress with a work project that’s really encouraging! As I went to bed last night, I was thanking God for all of these amazing things & I began to think about why I was so fulfilled. The common denominator that ran through all of these breakthroughs wasn’t just receiving good news, which can be touch & go in any given day. The common denominator that really captured my attention was the contrast between a breakthrough day & a “keeping on” day. 
Seems to me that most of my days are “keeping on” days. These are days that you work on something to make progress, even if it’s just infinitesimal. It’s the kind of day that seems to be relatively ordinary because it’s full of pick & shovel type work. These “keeping on” days are the days when I didn’t get the results I wanted from a neurologist visit but I decided not to give up & quit. These “keeping on” days are when I got tired of hearing another “no” for Saving Moses but I decided to smile rather than be morose. These “keeping on” days remind me of my physical therapy days when my shoulder was recovering & I persevered with doing my pt exercises even though it was late on the evening & I was more than a little tired. These “keeping on” days are the essential foundation for the breakthrough days that we so dearly love. Let’s celebrate the “keeping on” days just as much as the days when we experience a culminating breakthrough! 

Keep on, keeping on!!  Gal 6:9


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