Big Assignments!!

I’ve been kind of wrestling w God on a few items that might also be familiar to you. There are times when it seems like God is moving me in a certain direction or telling me to do something, which is all groovy, except for a “minor” detail. It often seems to me that whatever God tells me to do, it almost always seems impossible in my natural thinking, so I can often find myself saying, “I can’t do that” – thinking that I don’t have the ability, brains, stamina, etc for such a task.
When I was was talking w God about this recently, it seemed like He wasn’t surprised by my inability but was belong me to understand that any assignment that He gives me will always require His help. And what I fully embrace is that when I try to do things without God’s help, it often doesn’t turn out very well, in contrast to when I include God’s help. Things are always better when I include God rather than try to do stuff without His help 🙂

5 thoughts on “Big Assignments!!

  1. Yeah, so as my mom used to tell me, “Pull up your big boy panties and get the job done.”, or down south they say, “Just go on ‘n’ step up to the pump” God isn’t going to give you more than you can handle – “hmmmmm trust and obey 🙂 the fields are white with harvest – and you are too good to hide it under a bushel basket Sarah. (Oh, and you did a marvelous job last night, and reconsider Miriams role in savingmoses… or both, but definitely God was in the details) – step up and don’t be afraid to step out like Peter- You go girl!!

  2. That was how I used to determine if it was something my “flesh” desired to do or if it was a God assignment…. based on the fact if it was something that seemed huge and way beyond something I could ever do by myself then I knew it was the Lord. Of course as I matured in the faith and developed discernment, I became more “in tune” with hearing from God. I love it how He gives us “Big Assignments” which require our complete trust and reliance upon Him to get it done. We serve such an awesome God!

  3. I am still behind 🙁 still getting Joyce Meyer would say I’m not where I wanna be but I AM still here!! Still working out my faith…praying for Jesus to help me to try to be a good and faithful steward over all God blesses me with just as He tells us …to keep looking up, to keep loving,forgiving,giving,running the race to the final victory being in His presence in His heavenly kingdom….:). The Foundation at the foot of the Cross is my favorite place… in His presence.

  4. Thank you ladies sometimes the toughest but most wonderful place is to remember “The Foundation” – so the other obvious to choice to consider is to … then just wait and appreciate His Son…and see our Great God’s amazing creation:
    The Sun
    in your life
    more wonderful

    than the way the sun,
    every evening,
    relaxed and easy,
    floats towards the horizon

    and into the clouds or the hills,
    or the rumpled sea,
    and is gone—-
    and how it slides again

    out of the blackness,
    every morning,
    on the other side of the world,
    like a red flower

    streaming upwards on its heavenly oils,
    say, on a morning in early summer,
    at its perfect imperial distance–
    and have you ever felt for anything

    such wild love–
    do you think there is anywhere, in any language,
    a word billowing enough
    for the pleasure

    that fills you,
    as the sun
    reaches out,
    as it warms you

    as you stand there,
    empty handed—
    or have your too
    turned from this world—

    or have you too
    gone crazy
    for power,
    for things?

    (sent to me from a friend) 🙂

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