Be Contagious

Recently, my kids picked up a congestion bug and they’ve been hacking  along the phlegm spectrum.  This started with one of my boys and the other two caught this bug.  In the last several days, I have felt some of these symptoms trying to creep into my breathing, so I’ve been vigilante to take extra vitamins and drink more water.

Usually, we don’t think of things that are contagious in very positive ways.  We don’t want to “catch” the cold, flu, yellow fever, etc.  But let’s also consider that sometimes, we can also “catch” another person’s insecurity, fear, arrogance and other such distasteful traits.  Instead, let’s make intentional decisions to be gracious, patient, compassionate, gentle, truthful (Fruits of the Spirit) and just maybe other people will “catch” some healthy traits for our communications and relationships!  Let’s allow Holy Spirit to work life and health into our souls so that we are contagions of genuine love!


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Ty Ms Sarah for your love toward GOD AND OTHERS…including me! Two decades ago, give or take a few years, GOD GAVE ME A VISION HE WAS SOFTENING MY DAUGHTER’S HEART IN THE SAME MANNER HE IS SOFTENING Sarah Hickey’s heart. ❤ HE USED YOU AND YOUR MOTHER’S “ONENESS” IN CHRIST’S LOVE TO GIVE ME HOPE FOR THE SALVATION OF MY CHILDREN WHOM WHERE TEENAGERS AT THE TIME. HE continues to allow me glimpses of their growth toward maturity…with maturity comes a hunger and a thirst for a SAVIOUR; HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH! IN your rebellion toward CHRIST, HE DREW,you Sarah, unto HIMSELF. You answered HIS CALLING ON YOUR LIFE giving me hope my two adult children will “TODAY” CALL JESUS THEIR SAVIOUR! TY JESUS!

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