adapting :)

I’m learning that prayer is a bit of a learning adventure. Some things that I used to think about prayer (viable components, to be sure)

  • prayer is about asking God for stuff
  • prayer was about dumping all my problems on God
  • prayer is about making me feel better

There have been times that I’ve been disappointed with prayer because I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t get an answer, or I didn’t hear something – I even felt like my prayer time was “flat”. ┬áBut here are some cool things that I’m learning:

  • prayer can simply be the space & time of our presence that we give to God – keeping company with God
  • sometimes the closest relationships require the smallest communications
  • prayer can be the simple act of “letting my hair down” – being vulnerable & available to God
  • as I grow in prayer, I’m learning that prayer opens the door for me to cooperate with God more fully & wholly with fewer boundaries & “compartments” (giving God more access & fewer limits in my life)

Happy praying & happy adapting!




I love this Sarah!

Faith comes when we still trust when the answer we want doesn’t happen. Sometimes it’s not his will and sometimes it just hasn’t happened yet and maybe never in the way I want. Will I still trust and have faith? I will not turn my back on God. I want to trust Him because He knows better. Growing up means I do not always get what I want.

I Might Add this To My Paper, It Was Good.

I really appreciate all of the words you send me .I really do thank you so much sarah. Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 16:04:30 +0000 To:

Hmmm -prayer is communion & fellowship and when you get out of the “need zone” it becomes praise, thanks, and worship
Sorry your not a “woofer” – and I know there is a Marx bros joke there somewhere, haha but a (dog) person that observes behavior from an innocent perspective because they can be so intuitive with a somewhat spiritual nature.
Point being they have needs and when they want something they let you know most of the time in a most loving way unlike when we are:
like babies
like kids
like teenagers
like adults, or
like lovers…
The question becomes- How do you approach God?

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