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The longer I do the Christian adventure, Im becoming increasingly convinced that God is after our hearts & fellowship w us more than anything else. As I consider His goals for my life, I find myself wanting to cooperate & give myself to His desires. I think there are 3 simple ways that I can easily present myself to Him, everyday:
*prayer: whether it’s the quick “HELP!” or giving Him our requests & thanksgivings or going through a prayer pattern, like the Lords Prayer, I find that prayer has become a spiritual adventure for me, unduplicated in any other activity of my life
*Bible: the Bible gives my soul substance to feed on rather than the froth & cotton candy that’s so readily available in pop culture. I’ve found the Bible sustains, chalenges, comforts, corrects, guides, . . . . . me. If you don’t have some Bible in your daily living, try reading a Proverb or a Psalm a day as a starting point 🙂
*community – working out my Christianity into a daily context especially in my relationships makes my experience w Christ deeper, richer & more 3 dimensional than just attemtpting the solo act.
Get a lil prayer, get a little Bible, get a little community in this day & see God where He couldve have been invisible in the past 🙂
He’s deeply in love w you!! Hosea 11:4


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Hello Pastor Sarah! This is a great reminder!! I really enjoyed your message Sunday morning. I left with much encouragement, and have felt more refreshed than I have in a long time! I look forward to becoming a part of this wonderful church family, and being in community with others :)! That is one thing we have not had in a very long time, and it is so very true that this is an important part of the 3 fold pattern..

Blessings in Him,
Stephanie Schumaker 🙂
(We are dear friends of Pastor Shon, met you after service yesterday)

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